ISRO with other Space agency work together in a mission

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This time with the Indian Space Research Organization ISRO and other countries in the world are also likely to jointly land on Mars, Venus, and the Moon.

United State space agency “NASA”, Japan’s space agency ‘Jaxa’, European Space Agency ‘ESA’, Even with the Russian space agency “Roscosmos” and ISRO may launch a joint mission to the moon and Mars within the next decade.

That possibility is getting stronger and if so, for Indian space research many more roads will be opened.

Within a few years, in a joint venture with the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) NASA will land on Mars, Venus, and lunar missions.

Just in sending each other’s spaceships, a few research instruments.

Those campaigns will not be limited.

They will literally be joint operations with the European Space Agency (ESA) that’s exactly what NASA is doing now.

Chief Engineer of NASA’s Mars Expedition (‘Mars 2020 Rover Perseverance’).

NASA, JAXA, Roscosmos, and ESA jointly land on Mars and Moon mission with ISRO

Adam Steltzner himself said this “Science and technology research in space the way ISRO has begun to prioritize Kandari praised NASA’s Mars mission this time”.

Steltzner say “ISRO’s performance is just amazing.”

ISRO activities NASA has also shocked researchers in such a short time, ISRO is exploring space at such a rapid pace.

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The first two or three countries in the world to take that place that deserve enough credit.

The way ISRO is conducting one space mission after another at the nominal cost has shocked space researchers from all over the world.

Adam Steltzner reported; In a few expeditions like ‘Nisar’ and ‘CMB India’ NASA and ISRO have already developed a great relationship of cooperation.

In a few years, it will increase in the words of Steltzner.

The next day the moon will be on Mars and even Venus; NASA and ISRO will go on a joint mission.

The head of the ‘Mars 2020 Rover’ project not just with NASA, but also with Japan, Russia, and the European Space Agency India’s ISRO will go on a joint operation.

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