In 100 days, no corona has been transmitted in New Zealand

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New Zealand has heard the news of hope for the world from corona infection.

Although 100 days have passed, no new group infection has been reported from New Zealand.

New Zealand has been a shining example to the world from the very beginning, where the whole world is struggling to cope with the Corona infection.

The first infection was reported in New Zealand on 28 February.

No infection has occurred anywhere in the country since May 1.

In just 65 days, the Jacinda Ardern government has been able to prevent corona infection.

1219 people are still infected in New Zealand. 22 people died.

While most countries in the world are overwhelmed by the Corona, New Zealand’s statistics provide hope.

But as soon as he started returning to the country from abroad, he started getting infected again.

But the administration was not disturbed.

On the contrary, the country has managed the situation by keeping those who have been infected from outside properly quarantined.

This picture of New Zealand is a beacon of hope to the world.

The  Director-General of the health of New Zealand, “Ashley Bloomfield” said: “It is a significant milestone that the group has not been infected in 100 days but we all know that there is no room for happiness.”

Looking at the outside world, I can see how the virus can re-emerge in previously spread areas.

If there is a new infection in the future, you have to be ready to eradicate it quickly. Now New Zealand is normal.

Now rugby is being played in that country with the people admitted to the stadium.

Play Rugby game in New Zealand
Play Rugby game

The restaurant has been opened as per the schedule and people are traveling there regularly.

No panic, no fear, nothing is working among New Zealanders.

On the contrary, they are now much more comfortable following the hygiene rules.

Because, from the very beginning, the government has handled the situation with a strong hand with the coronavirus infection.

That is why the total number of corona cases in that country has not crossed the 100 marks since March.

All of the infections reported in New Zealand since March have been brought in by outsiders.

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The infection has been prevented in the country.

According to an emergency specialist at the University of Otago, the whole Western world has failed to deal with Corona.

He thinks that this incident happened due to lack of proper planning.

But New Zealand won today with the right planning.

Ashley Bloomfield also says that without the proper application of science and political leadership, it is not possible to win the battle against this epidemic.

If you look at the world, you will understand that the virus has been easily defeated where the two have made the right combination.

However, the New Zealand administration is still cautious.

The administration has not yet allowed the country to open its borders to tourists.

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