If hard immunity build corona become a seasonal disease

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Once hard immunity is established in most of the population the corona will become like other seasonal viruses in temperate regions.

The prevalence of some viruses increases during a particular season or seasonal change.

Corona will also increase the incidence in such a special season but as long as hard immunity is not being built it will not last all year.

Coronary infections will also decrease once hard immunity is established according to a recent report in the journal Frontiers in Public Health.

Rather it is more likely to spread during the change of seasons as is the case with many other viral illnesses.

The nature of the coronavirus infection will remain the same until most people develop immunity the study said.

Hassan Zaraket a researcher at the American University of Beirut writes that for now there is no way but to wait for hard immunity to develop.

Masks should be used to avoid infection gatherings should be avoided.

Social distance rules must be followed however researchers say that many corona waves will come before reaching the level of relief.

Referring to previous research, he said that nature-like viruses such as Covid-19 such as SARS Cov-2 increase.

Their incidence in temperate regions in certain seasons disease.

The study also looked at influenza and other viruses.

which are more prevalent during the winter.

Especially in temperate regions but in the tropics, it is less active all year round.

By conducting research on several seasonal viruses they are given the character of the virus depending on what subject the infection depends.

The study also looked at the relationship between the virus and temperature and humidity.

If hard immunity build corona become a seasonal disease

Judging by the nature of the virus that spreads infections in the respiratory tract researchers.

Believe it is difficult to prevent coronary infections until hard immunity is developed.

Covid 19 can become seasonal as soon as mass immunity is developed.

Although researchers have acknowledged the nature of the corona is still largely unknown.

What is Hard Immunity?

The first time we get an infection (fungal or bacterial) our body develops immunity against it.

Even if he is infected again, this immunity can fight against him in some cases however, the immunity may be short-lived.

On the other hand, some kind of immunity is created in the human body which lasts until the last day of life.

For example, most people get chickenpox (virus).

But once the body is infected with the virus the immunity that is created the next time the virus is not very likely to attack.

So in most cases, no one gets chickenpox twice hard immunity is a lot like that.

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When a large number of people in a particular area become infected the vaccine prevents.

The disease from occurring but the same infection does not have much effect later.

This is because most of the people in the area have immunity against the infection.

How to create hard immunity?

Doctors say that this immunity against any infection is created in two ways.

One, naturally and two, through vaccine application.

When an infection infects a large number of people the body develops immunity against the infectious disease.

Through the application of a vaccine or naturally.

As a result, even if an outbreak of the disease occurs later it cannot take the form of an epidemic this is hard immunity.

No corona vaccine has yet been invented although the vaccine has been invented it can be given to all people.

If someone has an allergy to a specific component of the vaccine that the vaccine may not work.

Also, many vaccines cannot be given if you are pregnant or have a special illness.

Those who cannot be vaccinated are at higher risk of contracting the infection).

In that case, the only way to hard immunity is to make it naturally in the body.

This is the place where experts are more concerned about Corona.

How will the body develop hard immunity, which will fight against this coronavirus?

According to the Chief Scientific Adviser of the United Kingdom, at least 60 percent of the people in a particular country needs to be injected.

Only then can the fight against corona virus be carried out.

Researchers and physicians say how long it will take for the human body to develop hard immunity against corona.

It depends on how well self-isolation and social distance are maintained at the moment.

Doctors call it ‘flattening the curve’.

Even if the prevalence of corona increases the number of infections should be reduced as much as possible by maintaining self-isolation and social distance.

That is, the diagram of the victim cannot be allowed to rise.

Because the longer self-isolation social distance can be maintained fewer people will be affected by corona.

Despite the prevalence of the virus the lower, the number of people infected.

The more naturally strong immunity can develop in a large number of people.

Experts say that if social distances can be maintained for more or less a year scientists will have time to discover a vaccine.

just as the body can develop a strong immune system against corona.

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