How to know which Flu or COVID this season changes time?

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The difference between Flu or Covid-19 it is impossible to say that without examination.

Flu and COVID 19 have similar symptoms so you may need to get tested to find out why you are sick.

In both cases, there is physical pain, sore throat, fever, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, and headache.

First, people with the flu usually feel sick most in the first week of illness.

But those who are COVID positive, they feel sick most in the second or third week and they may stay sick longer.

Another difference is that COVID 19 does not have the taste or smell of food.

However, this is not applicable to every person.

So this is not a reliable way to differentiate between the two viruses.

Everything is left to be examined the Northern Hemisphere is more prone to flu during this time of year.

So the doctor will not be able to start proper treatment without examination.

Dr. Daniel Solomon, an infectious disease specialist at Bristol and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston, said both could be infected at the same time.

Whether or not you need to test for two viruses at the same time will depend on what the test is and where you live.

How to know which Flu or COVID this season changes time?

Solomon said they do not see influenza group-infections right now so they do not yet need to be extensively tested for the flu.

Both the flu and coronaviruses are spread through droplets. Both diseases can spread quickly before people know they are sick.

The incubation period of flu infection is short.

In other words, it may take one to four days to feel sick if you have the flu compared to the corona virus.

It can take two to fourteen days to get sick if you have a corona positive.

On average, the Corona virus is much more contagious than the flu.

However, it is not uncommon for a large number of people to be infected with COVID.

Rather, the disease is spread by a small number of people.

Therefore, says that the rapid rate of spread among the group is far ahead of that of the COVID flu.

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Health officials want a record number of people to be given flu shots this year so that the hospital does not have an overdose of COVID and Influenza patients at the same time.

Although most patients are in the final stages of testing, there is still no vaccine for COVID.

The precautions that are being taken for COVID, such as the use of masks, maintaining social distance, washing hands, etc.

Also reduce the spread of Influenza so health officials are hoping that if this trend continues.

The Influenza could be reduced this season.

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