How do you know which is the safest hand sanitizer?

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Early warning and cleanliness is one of the ways to avoid coronavirus. That’s why experts say to wash your hands and face with soap again and again.

When he goes out, he says to cover his nose and face with a mask. In cases where there is no water in the hand, experts suggest disinfecting the hand well with hand sanitizer.

How do you know which is the safest hand sanitizer

This is why the use of hand sanitizers has increased a lot in recent times.

However, any hand sanitizer will not work. All hand sanitizers that contain high levels of alcohol should be used to avoid corona.

According to experts, only hand sanitizers that contain 80 to 95 percent alcohol are able to disinfect our hands in this situation.

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The market is full of fake hand sanitizers. It has been claimed that more than 70-80 percent of alcohol is present in all of them.

How do you know which hand sanitizer is the most effective safe or authentic?

Let’s identify three-hand sanitizers easy Way

1)  Try drying it with a hairdryer with a little hand sanitizer in a container. The hand sanitizer is authentic when it dries in a few seconds.

If the level of counterfeit or alcohol is low, it will take more time to dry.

2)  Pour a few drops of sanitizer on the tissue paper with the pen stain. If the link of the pen spreads quickly on the tissue paper, it should be understood that the sanitizer is fake or the alcohol level in it is very low.

If the link does not spread on the tissue paper and it dries instantly, it should be understood that it is very effective.

3) In a small bowl, take a little flour and start spreading it with some hand sanitizer. If the flour is lumpy, it should be understood that the sanitizer is fake or the level of alcohol in it is much less.

This will not be the case with pure sanitizers.

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