How do you know if your body is dehydrated in winter?

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People can spend some time just drinking water without eating any food. But without water?

It is unthinkable. But many people do not understand the thirst for water in winter.

An adult needs 4 liters of water per day. In winter, the temperature is quite low. Even the body stays dry.

So many people forget to drink water even after eating good and bad food. And even if you play, that amount is very low.

Even if they get thirsty, many people spend it lazily in winter. From here the danger is.

That is why problems like gas-heartburn-indigestion increase dehydrated in winter.

In winter we have more clothes. A good night’s sleep under a blanket the body just stays hot.

And most of the winter days to eat good and bad eat mutton-polao-biryani at night too.

Gas-acid is inevitable if water intake is low after these meals. Also in winter cake-pies-back is eaten more.

How do you know if your body is dehydrated in winter?

Many people cannot digest these properly. Milk is used to make cakes and pies.

Coconut is on the back. And if you can’t digest this milk-coconut properly, the problem increases. Eighty-five percent of our body is made up of water.

As a result, if you do not drink water, various physical complications will come. At the same time, all the organs do not work properly.

Understand the symptoms of dehydrated in winter –

1. Headaches and fatigue – In winter we all often have headaches. The body is also quite tired.

Many people then think that these are probably the result of wandering in the cold. But these are the first signs of dehydration.

With this, there is a pain in the eyes and discomfort in the body. Going to the Morning Walk again, many see that the throat is getting dry.

Be careful when you see all these symptoms. That means your body is dehydrated.

2. Going hungry – not getting hungry at night after eating in the morning? It all seems to be frozen near the throat?

This means that you have a problem with acidity and the body has become dry.

If this happens, drink lukewarm water repeatedly. If necessary, you have to take advice from a doctor and take medicine.

3. Bad breath – bad breath when you wake up in the morning?

Water plays a very important role in making saliva and repelling bacteria that accumulates in the mouth.

Drinking less water will produce less saliva, bacteria will grow in the mouth, tongue, teeth, gums.

As a result, a bad smell will spread. So eat at least 5 liters of water a day to avoid this problem.

4. Often stomach upset- all the toxins in the body but water is expelled.

Toxins accumulate in the body without drinking water leads to acne problems. With that food is not digested, gas is all this. Stomach upset.

5. Dry skin – In winter, the skin is dry. But after applying oil, soap, and cream as a rule throughout the day, if the skin does not regain its radiance, then it must be understood that the problem is inside.

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With that comes skin rashes, hair loss, cracked lips. The hands and feet are affected by the dehydration of the body.

6. Urinary problems- If the amount of water in the body decreases then urination will also be a problem.

At that time there is irritation, back pain, and discomfort. Also, the urethra becomes dry.

As a result, there is a feeling of itching all the time. From here, various bacterial infections occur dehydrated.

So if this is the case, try to eat more vitamin C as you eat more water.

7. Constipation- Do you often have this problem? Then make it a habit to drink more water first.

The colon absorbs water and is the main source of solid waste in the body. So if you drink less water, it will absorb water from the stool.

As a result, the stool will become difficult it will be a problem when it comes out of the body.

Eat more water, it will be better digestion, the stool will be soft.

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