Heartbeats are being heard, gathering near the galaxy

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It’s as if the human heart is pounding the sound of the heartbeat is coming from that distant solar space of the galaxy.

Clouds are ozone in space gas is accumulating around him, a sheet of cosmic dust.

The heat of the fire is spreading in the space from the clouds. Strong light is coming out. With that, the sound of the heartbeat is being heard.

Strange things are happening in the universe the sheet of mysterious clouds seems to be breathing.

NASA’s Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope (FGST) has discovered this mystery 100 light-years away from our galaxy or Milky Way.

The Gamma-Ray Large Area Space Telescope is the Space Observatory whose job is to explore the mysteries of space sitting in low Earth orbit.

The Observatory’s Large Area Telescope (LAT) catches the eye of the accumulated clouds in space and the sound of the heartbeat floating from there.

Astronomers say the cloud is actually a micro quasar. Name SS 433.

Heartbeats are being heard, gathering near the galaxy

Quasars are monster black holes whose mass is greater than that of the Sun. These black holes lie in a galaxy or next to a star that is separated from the galaxy.

Due to the strong attraction of the monster black hole, the bone marrow starts to separate from the body of the star.

This collision caused a strong X-ray to come out. The radiation of this ray shows extreme temperature and light.

Scientists say the heartbeat from which the heartbeat is heard is the SS433 microcosm system.

There is a huge black hole or black hole fight with one of the stars. Those stars do not go any less.

Its mass is 30 times greater than of the sun. And it collides with the fact that the black hole is 20 times more massive than the Sun.

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The system is exploding in the collision of these two giant stars and black holes.

Black holes are trying to absorb the bodies of stars. Cosmic objects are coming out of the body of the star by pulling its fierce gravitational ball.

Gas levels are gathering around these two fighters. Gathering cosmic dust. It seems that clouds are accumulating in space.

Astronomer Xian Li says that black holes or black holes always have a gluttonous feel.

They are usually scattered in the center of a galaxy, that is, in the center or around the galaxy.

In general, the gravitational pull of a black hole in the center of any galaxy is lethal.

Clouds of dense frozen gas or those giant black holes are swallowed up by their strong gravitational pull as they approach.

They can no longer come out of the black hole. When he is hungry, bright light can be seen radiating from inside him.

Which are actually very strong X-ray or gamma-ray currents?

If a black hole is seen fighting a giant star, then there is the sound of a terrible explosion.

Electromagnetic waves come out of the galaxy and float in space.

Scientists say that such a fight has taken place in that microcosm system as well.

Which is why there is a huge noise from a distance, it sounds like a heartbeat.

In 2015, two black holes collided with strong gravitational waves, the epicenter of which was about 1.3 billion light-years from Earth.

In 2016, scientists saw gravitational waves 1.6 billion light-years away.

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