Google removed 34 apps please remove from your phone

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Between July and September 2020, at least 34 apps were removed from the Google Play Store.

Why delete from Google Play Store?

The presence of Joker Malware has been noticed in these 34 apps.

Joker malware has been a headache for app developers since its inception, making it very difficult to find and find apps.

Because this malware uses very shortcode not only that.

An even bigger headache is that this type of malware actually uses a strange technique called ‘dropper’ to bypass Google’s security scans.

Zscaler, a California-based cybersecurity firm, recently released a list of 34 apps that have the presence of Joker malware.

These apps are actually very dangerous we are publishing that list in front of you.

If you are using this 34 app remove it as soon as possible, and free your smartphone from malware.

34 Apps List:-

1. All Good PDF Scanner
2. Mint Leaf Message-Your Private Message
3. Fancy Fonts & Free Emoticons – Unique Keyboard
4. Tangram App Lock
5. Direct Messenger
6. Private SMS
7. One Sentence Translator – Multifunctional Translator
8. Style Photo Collage

9. Meticulous Scanner
10. Desire to Translate
11. Talent Photo Editor – Blur focus
12. Care Message
13. Part Message
14. Paper Doc Scanner
15. Blue Scanner
16. Photo to PDF – Hummingbird PDF Converter
17. All Good PDF Scanner
19. SMS
20. com.file.recover files
22. Push Message- Texting & SMS
23. Fingertip GameBox
25. com.cheery.message.send SMS (two different instances)
26. com.LPlocker.lockapps
27. Safety AppLock
28. Emoji Wallpaper
29. com.hmvoice.friends

30. com.peason.login glove message
31. com.remindme.alram
32. Convenient Scanner 2
33. Separate Doc Scanner

This Joker malware actually manipulates customers to make unsolicited subscriptions through virus scams. Yes, it works without user permission.

Sometimes in the temptation of money, sometimes again this kind of malware appears by arranging the gift baskets.

As a result, many times users click without knowing anything. And share all your personal details.

This Joker Malware first reaches the customer through advertisement and then unknowingly makes the payment using OTP.

Suffering from malware attacks is very difficult.

Google removed 34 apps please remove from your phone

Suppose, for the first time, money from your account disappeared unknowingly due to the Joker malware.

Then you call the bank and tell them everything his remedy is also.

But that doesn’t mean that malware will no longer attack your Android phone.

How to attack malware?

You never know when you’ll be subscribed to a paid subscription service and not receive any message. You don’t even know anything.

But you will see that money is disappearing your bank account is moving towards zero-day by day.

So it’s time to be careful with smartphones repeatedly it is remote.

Don’t let the malware and its cyber fraudsters fool you for the first time.

A blog was posted by Google earlier this week.

There Google said that they have removed at least 18,000 apps since the beginning of 2017.

That’s just because of the presence of various malware.

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