Google Map tells you where the crowds are on the street

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This time Google has brought several new updates to the Google Map of Android and iOS versions.

The Google Map app has an update for the coronavirus layer, where you can find all information about live transit crowds.

Also, all the necessary information can be found in the case of food delivery.

However, the features are not yet fully available soon everyone will get the benefits said the concerned organization.

A few days ago, Google introduced a new feature to make people’s daily life easier in the current cowardly situation.

A new indicator was added to Google Maps to avoid crowds as well as to ensure social distance with the help of which it is very easy to understand whether the area is the busiest or not.

Explaining this indicator, Google said that this new feature will have two indicators named ‘Usually as busy as it gets’ and ‘Usually not too busy’ below the location of Google Map.

Google Map will tell you where the crowds are on the street

So that users can differentiate between the busiest area and the relatively empty area through these options and protect themselves by avoiding crowds and maintaining social distance.

This feature will usually work through location history analysis. This time the COVID layer of Google Map was updated.

To get the updated feature, you have to click on the layer button below the search bar on the map. After that, you have to select COVID – 19 Info option.

As you can see, a live transit crowd means you can find out about the crowds on the bus, train, or subway.

You will also get information about the crowd situation at the destination.

Another new feature on Google Maps has been announced by the company.

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In this case, users can track any food delivery with the help of a live status feature.

Users will be able to view the expected delivery time, waiting for a time for a delivery fee as well as food re-orders from Google Map.

In this case, users in India, Canada, the USA, Germany, Australia, and Brazil will get this facility.

Also, Google has introduced a feature on the map called Google Assistant driving mode.

However, currently, only American users are getting the benefit of this feature.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving a post. This allows you to control your Smartphone with the voice commands feature.

This means that with this feature of Google Map you can receive calls directly or change music.

In this case, to enable the feature, users have to go to the Android phone and select Assistant Settings.

All you have to do is go to Select Getting Around and select Driving Mode – you don’t need to do anything else! Google map tells you everything.

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