Goji Berry: Health Benefits, Uses And Suggestions (Amazing Reasons to Eat Goji Berry)

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Goji berry, also known as wolf’s grape, is a fruit that has emerged from Himalaya sides of Tibet. Goji berry has been widely used in Chinese medicine for centuries, in particular due to benefits to general health.

Although use of goji berry in our country is very short time ago, has become preferred for preventing weight gain. Goji berry is consumed in order to feed, to remain satiate for a long time, to strengthen nervous and immune systems, but most easily to lose weight.

Prevents Cancer!

Unhealthy nutrition and living conditions due to cells in body, organs that damaged by free radicals are among main causes of cancer formation.

In order to reduce risk of cancer disease, antioxidants that will prevent formation of these free radicals and neutralize existing ones should be taken into body.  Goji berry is also rich in antioxidantsreducing risk of cancer and repairing damage caused by free radicals.

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Protects Cardiovascular Health!

Goji berry is a powerful fruit in terms of dietary fiber. In this regard, goji berry consumption lowers level of bad cholesterol in blood, thus limiting risk of heart attack. However, since accelerates blood circulation, cleanses blood and carries out healthy oxygen circulation.

It’s Against Aging!

Free radicals which increase risk of cancer also damage skin cells, accelerate skin aging. Goji berry, rich in antioxidants and fibers, acts as a cell repairer and neutralizes free radicals. Therefore, regular consumption of goji berry will prevent skin aging and reduce risk of skin cancer caused by free radicals.

Protects Eye Health!

Goji berry rich in vitamin A and beta carotene, is a stimulant of eye health just like carrots. It is recommended that adults consume goji berry regularly, especially for prevention of eye defects, cataracts and other visual loss, defects that occur as age progresses.

It Offers A More Comfortable Sleep!

Goji berry contains vitamins, minerals and minerals that have a positive effect on nervous system. In this respect, it is known that goji berry consumption calms nerves and that person can sleep more easily especially in evening times.

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Strengthens Immune System!

Goji berry, filled with vitamins, minerals and useful elements, is a very important supporter of immune system. It is recommended to strengthen body regularly by consuming goji berry in order to avoid diseases caused by weakness of immune system in winter by consuming goji berry in order to avoid diseases caused by weakness of immune system in winter.

For this purpose, is useful to throw and drink 3-5 goji berry in milk in evening. In this way, it is possible to prevent flu, colds, respiratory diseases.

Helps To Lose Weight!

Goji berry is a very rich fruit in terms of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. For this reason, it helps to keep a person full for a long time and keep blood sugar in balance. Thus, people who consume goji berry often do not get hungry, easier to lose weight because stay away from unhealthy snacks.

Promises A Longer And Healthier Life!

Unhealthy life and eating habits of body, too many unwanted, harmful agents are preparing for environment. In this case, cell and organ damage, aging and wear are in question.

Goji berries thanks to contains antioxidants makes these harmful agents ineffective and prepares environment for a longer and healthier life.

It Gives Energy!

Those who work at a busy work and exercise often do not get energy they need from routine eating habits daily. Excessive tiredness also leads to exhaustion, sluggishness.

One of the most natural ways to get extra energy is to definitely consume goji berry on a regular basis. Goji berries is especially recommended for easy and fast passage of extreme fatigue-related conditions.

Prevents High Blood Rressure!

Many adults in our environment have high blood pressure problems. High blood pressure caused by excessive blood pressure can cause fatal diseases such as stroke and heart attack. It would be right to use goji berries to keep blood pressure and therefore blood pressure value to be normal.

Prevents Diabetes!

Many scientific studies have shown that goji berry helps to balance blood sugar. For this reason, goji berry consumption is recommended in many countries, especially in China, to prevent or alleviate diabetes.

It Has An Effect Increases Sexual Power!

Goji berry is known to increase level of testosterone in blood and thus increase sexual desire and strength. In this regard, goji berry is also consumed in Asian medicine due to ability to increase sexual power.

Reduces Effect Of Chemotherapy!

Chemotherapy is a cancer treatment that uses drugs to stop growth of cancer cells, either by killing cells or by stopping them from dividing.

It is believed that consumption of goji berries can reduce this damage, so it is recommended that goji berry consumption be offered to those who are undergoing chemotherapy.

Increases Blood Levels, Increases White Blood Cells!

Goji berry, contains antioxidantsvitaminsminerals, increases blood values of person, cleans blood. However, also increases number of lymphocytes body, that is, white blood cells that have duty of defying threats coming from outside.

In this respect, it is possible to protect from many blood disorders and diseases caused by consuming goji berry.

It Protects Liver!

It  contains a substance called cerebroside, which is known as liver protector. Goji berry thanks to cerebroside has a detoxification effect especially cleans liver in body.

Relieves Nausea!

It  has soothing properties of stomach and digestive system. In this respect, is recommended to drink a glass of warm goji berry tea especially in mornings.

It Is Thought To Prevent Infertility!

In Asian countries, goji berry is known for its other benefits as well as its support for reproduction. Regular consumption of goji berry helps to increase sperm quality in men and number and quality of eggs in women.

Strengthens Bones!

Goji berry prepares environment for growth and secretion of growth hormone, which enables us to grow physically and to grow. In this way, bones become much larger and stronger. It is especially accelerating absorption of calcium in body.

Kidney Is Friendly!

Goji berries cleanses body, blood, cells from free radicals and toxic wastes supports functions of kidneys and provides them to work in a more healthy way.

Suggestions For Consuming Goji Berry
  • Like all other herbal, natural foods, it should be consumed strictly controlled and balanced Excessive consumption can cause some health problems. Therefore, it should not be consumed more than 1 tablespoon per day.
  • People who have been treated for any disease, who take medication, may be inconvenient to consume goji berries without consulting a doctor.
  • Because it is blood thinner, it should not be consumed too much.
  • Goji berries consumption should be discontinued at least 2 weeks prior to any surgery.
  • It is not recommended for diabetics to consume goji berry without consulting a doctor.
  • It is useful to consume only a small amount of 3 -5 and observe effects of each day in order to see if it will cause any allergic reaction.
  • Goji berries consumption is not recommended for those with hyperactivity problems.
  • Goji berry’s effect on pregnant women and nursing mothers is not yet sufficiently researched to be consumed.
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