Fir Needle Essential Oil: 9 Amazing Health Benefits, Uses & More

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The amazing health benefits of fir needle essential oil include its regulates functions of the respiratory system, removes the smell of sweat, heals bones and prevents osteoporosis and detoxifies the body.

What is Fir Needle Essential Oil?

Fir tree with a long life of needle leaves is among the most common tree species in our country.

The magnificent appearance of fir tree, beauty adds to nature, as well as the healing oil is not known by everyone.

However, fir needle essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the needle leaves of fir. In this way, it releases active chemicals and components inside needles and makes them suitable for us. In contrast to the fact that leaves are needle-shaped, their soft texture and flatness must be due to fat in them.

Essential oils inside fir tree’s conifers have a content that can be used to stay healthy year-round. fir needle essential oil in fir needle is extracted from soft, flat, needle-like leaves of fir tree and made available for use.

The essential oil obtained from fir needles is a fresh, woody and soil-scented oil. Although this essential oil is a panacea, is most commonly used to fight sore throat and respiratory infections, fatigue, muscle aches, and arthritis.

It is also used in cosmetic products, perfumes, bath oils, room sprays, and incense production. The fresh, woody and earthy scent of this natural essential oil is refreshing, refreshing the air, providing a peaceful texture. Because the essence of the fir tree’s needle is in the oil. This natural essential oil is both preventative and therapeutic for most ailments.

fir needle essential oil benefits

What Are The Benefits Of Fir Needle Essential Oil?

1. Fights With Cancer!

Research on fir needle essential oil shows that has an effective anticancer content. The anti-tumor properties are very intense in the fir needle essential oil. Because of this feature, this essential oil works as a natural cancer drug.

According to research, fir needle essential oil and Alpha-humulene cause a dose-and time-dependent decrease in cellular glutathione and an increase in the production of reactive oxygen species. These results show that alpha-humulene and fir oil play a major role in fighting cancer.

2. It is Infectious And Therapeutic!

Infection causes a large number of different diseases to occur in the body. In this respect, they are very valuable natural products that prevent and eliminate the infection. Essential oils obtained from fir needles also contain high concentrations of organic compounds that help prevent dangerous infections.

In this respect, fir needle oil can also be used as an active first aid agent. A paste or cream containing fir needle essential oil acts as a protective and restorative against infections in the body. In research, the antibacterial activity of fir needle essential oil is effective against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus.

The three components in this essential oil are alpha-pinene, beta-caryophyllene, and Alpha-humulene; S. İt has shown active influence against aureus. Therefore, fir needle essential oil is known to have a high resistance to infection.

Strong chemical compounds found in fir tree needles such as tricyclene, alpha-pinene, camphene, limonene, and myrcene are also effective against bacteria and fungi. In particular, the chemical compounds alpha-pinene and limonene show antimicrobial activity against common pathogenic bacteria and fungi.

For all these reasons, experts say that this natural essential oil, along with other essential oils, contains antimicrobial and antioxidant ingredients that may be useful in personal hygiene and care products.

3. Aromatherapy Property!

Ingredients with aromatherapy properties have become very popular today. The essential oil obtained from the fir needle is also used in the cosmetic industry and meditation field due to aromatherapy properties.

Because relaxes body stimulates the mind, and strengthens the world of thought, both physically and mentally, thanks to relaxing, refreshing effects. In this respect, in the evening of stressful and extremely tired days or a stressful work environment, smelling fir needle oil, using as a room scent helps to calm down and increase the energy level again.

4. It’s a Painkiller!

This essential oil is known to be an excellent analgesic. This means that fir needle essential oil can be used to relieve pain in the muscles in the body in a natural way. In this context, it is recommended to use fir needle essential oil to relieve strained muscles, relieve body aches and heal muscles.

With stimulating the effect of fir needle oil, blood flow is encouraged on the surface of the skin, thereby increasing the healing rate and shortening the pain period.

This essential oil can be used for muscles throughout the body. For example, a lotion or oil used for back or foot massage may be added, and an oil, lotion or cream containing fir needle oil may be applied before bed in muscles.

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5. Detox Has The Effect!

It has an effect that triggers the body’s detoxification. Thanks to active compounds, this essential oil shows detox effect in the body, stimulates the body, improves many features from the digestive system to work of heart and speeds up metabolism.

6. It’s Used In Cleaning!

Many essential oils are used in homemade cleaning solutions and give effective results. In this respect, a multi-purpose cleaner may be good to add a few drops of this natural essential oil into the cleaning water for a strong disinfecting effect. In this way, the air and smell of the house will be like a refreshing forest.

7. Regulates Functions Of Respiratory System!

Since this essential oil has a refreshing, soothing effect, it can also be used as room odor or any soothing odor. According to a study of the effect of fir needle essential oil on the respiratory system, this essential oil has a therapeutic effect on common respiratory problems associated with colds and flu.

By firing fir needle essential oil, it is possible to alleviate existing breathing problems by preventing colds or influenza. Because this essential oil; helps to relax mucosa, it shows an anti-inflammatory effect on the throat and bronchial tubes, fights with free radical damage.

8. Removes Smell Of Sweat!

Clean and fresh scent makes a perfect defense against bad body odor. This essential oil, which is also effective in destroying bacteria that can cause bad body odor, both prevents and destroys sweat and dirt odors.

9. Heals Bones And Prevents Osteoporosis

It is known to help repair broken, bruised and damaged bones. It is recommended to apply to the damaged area three times a day by diluting with a carrier oil such as coconut oil. It is also thought that bone density can be increased by topical application to reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

What Are The Possible Side Effects Of Fir Needle Essential Oil?

  • It can cause skin irritation without being diluted with a carrier oil or when used in high concentrations.
  • Before using this essential oil, apply to a small area and check for allergic effects.
  • As with other essential oils, direct contact with eyes or other mucous membranes should be avoided.
  • Children, pregnant women, and breastfeeding women should not use without consulting a doctor.
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