Facebook is going to start a free cloud gaming service

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Cloud gaming is slowly becoming a tech giant in the world of gaming that source, this time Facebook is going to start a gaming service on its own social media platform to compete with the competing platform i.e. Google Stadia or Amazon Luna.

According to the American tech website Verge, Facebook is launching a free To Play cloud gaming service on Android and desktop versions soon.

However, due to some of Apple’s owner rules and regulations, this Facebook cloud gaming is not starting on iOS devices at the moment.

Jason Robin, vice-president of Facebook’s Play section, said multiple games, including Asphalt 9, are already available to a certain number of users.

This time the social media platform is going to add a few more games to that list. Initially, this game can be played for free.

In this case, there is no need to buy a controller or any additional hardware.

This game can be found in the specific section of the Games tab of Facebook.

Facebook is going to start a free cloud gaming service

Significantly, if a user goes from Facebook Cloud Game to a dedicated app, then all the data related to the game can be transferred.

There are reasons behind this.

However, the concerned user has to log-in with the Facebook account in that app.

The company’s message is that Facebook’s approach to cloud gaming is a little different from their competitors.

The reason is that Facebook is not entering the field with the goal of launching any big or exclusive game.

Facebook’s goal is to launch a gaming service that is easy to play and user friendly.

That game will be able to meet all the needs of these social media users.

For almost a decade, Facebook has come up with a variety of games for its customers or users.

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Initially, this media platform had a large user base in the Farm Vile game.

According to company sources, Facebook Cloud Gaming Service is a detailed version of that effort.

The Facebook Gaming App was launched earlier this year.

However, it is not yet known whether the new cloud gaming service will be available in this gaming app.

Facebook has not yet announced on which platforms this cloud gaming will be available in the future.

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