Eating dry fruits too much can damage teeth and stomach!

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Everyone should like to eat dry fruits. Nutritionists often take care of this type of food in your diet chart.

One of their functions is to convert bad cholesterol into good cholesterol. Increasing the rate of metabolism in the body also helps to increase hunger.

The fiber present in this dry fruit that very important for the body. Even doctors themselves recommend eating dried fruit to stay healthy.

However, consuming too much fiber can damage your digestive system. Everyone knows about the benefits of dry fruits. However, you should also be aware of its disadvantages.

Dry fruits are hot, so they should be soaked instead of eaten raw, and they contain a lot of protein.

In such cases, patients with kidney, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol should eat only after consulting a doctor.

What is the disadvantage of eating much dry fruits?

1. Stomach problems –

Fiber is extremely important for the human body. It helps control bowel movements and keeps the stomach well.

Lack of nutrients in the body can be done through dried fruits, but eating them can be harmful to health.

It can cause bloating, bloating, abdominal pain, constipation, and diarrhea. So eat a limited amount of dried fruit.

This will increase your fiber intake without compromising your health.

2. Extra weight gain –

Excessive intake of dried fruits can cause you to gain weight. It contains lots of calories which are responsible for increase your body weight.

Eating dry fruits too much can damage teeth and stomach!

If you eat dried fruits every day, you will become obese in a short time.

3. Tooth decay –

Fructose in dried fruits makes you healthier. However, eating too much-dried fruit can cause problems in your teeth.

Dried fruits contain excess sugar, which sticks to the teeth. This results in tooth decay.

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As per, experts advise that dried fruits should always be brushed after eating.

Also, to avoid this problem, you should always drink water after eating dried fruits.

4. Asthma Problems –

Eating too much-dried fruit can cause asthma. Many people do not know that sulfur dioxide is used to preserve dried fruits.

This is a really dangerous element. It is also widely used as a bleaching agent and disinfectant. Sulfur dioxide does not harm if eaten in small amounts.

However, the chances of getting asthma with allergies increase a lot when you start eating it in excess.

According to experts, patients with asthma should always avoid excessive consumption of dried fruits.

5. You can be addicted to eating sugar –

As mentioned, many dried fruits contain high amounts of sugar. The glycemic index is very high which causes fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

Because of this drop-down, a person suddenly becomes addicted to sugar and starts eating too much sugar.

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