Due to corona lost hearing ability forever but in rare cases

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A recent survey has revealed worrying information. There have been reports of hearing loss along with coronavirus infection. And this process of hearing loss is not happening slowly.

Suddenly one day the affected person realizes that he cannot hear anything in the ear.

But the only hope is that hearing loss due to coronary heart disease is still very rare.

The incident was first reported in the UK. Researchers at University College London, however, say that it is important for everyone to be aware of the rare hearing loss that can occur in Corona.

The reason is that if you can do steroid treatment immediately, it is possible to regain the lost hearing.

Researchers are still unaware of the exact cause of coronary heart disease. However, it is believed that hearing loss is due to a viral infection.

An article published in BMJ Case Reports states that a 45-year-old man admitted to the Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital in the UK suddenly lost his hearing during coronary treatment.

He was in the ICU of the hospital for 10 days before contracting COVID-19. He was having trouble breathing then kept on a ventilator for 30 days.

In the treatment of corona, he was given the drug remediciv along with other drugs.

Due to corona, the ability to hearing can be lost forever

Earlier, the man had no ear problems. His hear returned somewhat after taking the steroid course.

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Experts believe that Corona lost he hears because he did not have any other physical problems other than Corona.

There has been less talk of hearing loss due to corona.

Coronavirus and influenza viruses attack someone’s body and cause deafness.

Therefore, if you feel anything like this after being infected with corona, you are requested to consult a doctor immediately.

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