Do you drink tea with ginger every day? Know the side effect

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When we come back from the office, when we feel tired, when we have a cold, cough, or headache, we often make tea with ginger and eat it.

Especially in winter, if you get hot tea with ginger, there is no need to talk. If ginger tea is your friend, the benefit is yours.

Ginger juice in many cases gives a healthy solution to any problem of our bowel.

So if you drink lots of ginger tea, the gas creates in your stomach that damages your health.

drink tea with ginger every day

Experts say that this herbal tea is very effective for body remedies for sore throats, headaches, and other ailments.

But playing this ginger-tea in excess can be dangerous again. Multiple problems can occur in the body.

The dangers of excessive ginger tea consumption –

1. Lowers blood pressure – Multiple studies and studies have shown that playing ginger lowers blood pressure.

For those who suffer from high blood pressure but those whose blood pressure is low or normal, but they can be in danger if they drink extra ginger tea.

Drinking too much ginger tea every day can make their body weak.

 2. Can cause bleeding – Ginger to contain the anti-platelet ingredient.

If ginger is eaten in excess with garlic or cloves, then the level of bleeding in the body increases.

It also prevents blood cells from clotting. So if there is a problem of excessive bleeding, then avoid ginger.

An excessive amount of ginger causes various digestive problems in the body. So vomiting may occur the body becomes weak.

3. Can cause heartburn – Ginger reduces the level of acid reflux in your body there is more than one proof of this.

Also, multiple studies claim that excessive amounts of ginger in the body can cause heartburn.

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It also creates discomfort ginger present in ginger inhibits intestinal acid production.

4. Inhibits hair growth – In a Chinese study says that ginger can inhibit hair growth.

According to the study, if you have a lot of hair loss problems, then reduce the consumption of ginger.

This is because the ingredients in the extract prevent hair growth.

5. Danger for pregnant women – Keep in mind, excess ginger can cause miscarriage. Experts usually recommend eating 150 mg of ginger a day.

But eating more ginger can be dangerous for pregnant women. So, if necessary, eat ginger with the advice of a doctor.

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