Cut your nails on time otherwise, suffer some disease

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Nails are part of the skin and tiny parts of our body. Basically, girls love to style a lot with these fingernails.

If the nails become big and thin, there is a risk of breaking. So fingernails should be cut before coming to this stage.

Everyone cares own hair, skin, hands, and feet. Then why stick to nail art while just nail care?

We have heard many times in our childhood that the dirt saved in the nails goes to our stomach with the food.

Manicure by rules means not only show enhancing the beauty it also strengthens the nails and cuticles or the skin under the nails.

Nails need to be cut properly only with a nail cutter, not a blade or any other sharp object.

If the nails are not cut properly, then there can be problems like hangnails, ingrown nails which are mostly on the toenails, etc. Cutting nails with teeth also damage the nails.

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Do you cut the nails too deep, that is, up to or beyond the soft part of the nail or the cuticle?

If the answer is yes then it is absolutely inappropriate to cut the nails in this way.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, cutting nails deep into the cuticle can easily infect the nails and the soft areas around the nails.

This increases the chance of infection is much higher.

How to cut nails?

1.  Many people get into trouble by cutting their nails. Cut the nails so deep that the skin under the nails comes out.

It can also bleed. Before cutting the nails, soak the hands and feet in lukewarm water for a while and the nails will become soft.

Use a sharp nail cutter, never cut nails with a blade. After the nails are dry, shape them as you like with a nail shaper.

2.  Never use nail shaper when nails are wet. This will cut the nails and after drying the nails will be uneven and broken.

Shape with nail shaper in such a way that the nail head is smooth.

3. Children’s nails grow faster, so they need to cut their fingernails regularly or every week.

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Many people suffer from brittle nails, discoloration of nails, fungus or fungus on the nails.

4. Proper treatment is needed from the beginning of the disease. Otherwise, the patient suffers from this problem for a long time.

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