Coronavirus D614G found it can be 10 times more terrible

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In this corona situation, the Malaysian scientists found a new coronavirus that can be increased the concern 10 times more.

Because they found a new type of coronavirus that is at least 10 times more contagious and dangerous than the current one!

It is learned that 45 people have recently been infected with coronavirus after coming in contact with the owner of an Indian restaurant there.

Malaysian scientists have noticed the presence of a new character coronavirus in the bodies of 3 out of 45 people.

Nur Hisham Abdullah, Malaysia’s health chief, said scientists had noticed some changes in the character of the coronavirus, raising new doubts about the effectiveness of the discovery of the antidote or its effect on the virus.

Scientists have named this new coronavirus D614G.

New coronavirus D614G found it can be 10 times more terrible

They claim that this new strain of the virus is at least 10 times more contagious and dangerous than the type of coronavirus currently found!

The Malaysian health official wrote in his Facebook post, “The general public needs to be more vigilant now. Otherwise, all the fight against the virus will fail. ”

Experts at the World Health Organization have recently expressed concern about the rapid change in the character of the coronavirus.

According to WHO experts, the rapid change in the character of the virus in this way will have an effect on the effectiveness of the corona tick.

A team of researchers at King’s College London recently analyzed data from patients and found six types of coronavirus.

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The researchers claim that there are six different types of coronavirus symptoms.

As a result, the coronavirus is becoming more and more dangerous as the days go by.

The rapid change in the character of the coronavirus in this way will increase the problem in the development of vaccines, which scientists are thinking anew.

How did scientists find the new coronavirus?

Along with the gene sequence, scientists are now conducting experiments on human and animal cells in the laboratory, which show that the mutated virus has now spread faster than the previous virus.

Scientists say they now know that the mutated virus is stronger than the original virus in terms of infection.

They say that coronaviruses use the structure of spike proteins to get into a cell when it attacks it, and that mutations change that structure as well.

Researchers are now examining whether the vaccine has any effect on controlling the virus.

Most of the research currently underway to develop vaccines is aimed at this spike protein.

“Infections around the world have shown that coronaviruses are spreading faster than current D614 strains,” biologist Betty Korber and colleagues wrote in the research report.

Anthony Fauci, an infectious disease specialist in the United States, said: Maybe this makes it more contagious. However, this idea is not yet certain.

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