Corona is expected to rise in India in the winter, expert says

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The incidence of seasonal flu such as mild fever, cold, and cough increases mainly in winter.

Corona is growing around the world at the moment.

After the summer, the arrival of winter monsoon is slowly coming Corona’s effects may increase in the cold, experts fear.

As a result, researchers are not able to convey any message of hope in the case of Corona reduction.

on the opposite they again sent a message of panic.

However, it is not clear whether the Corona situation will worsen in the winter.

But as the number of Corona infections in India continues to rise.

There are fears that Corona could become the country’s second peak in the winter.

In other words, once again the graph of the attack will rise to the top it is thought that by scientists.

Corona is expected to rise in India in the winter, expert says

Health experts say there are four types of coronavirus due to which problems like common fever, cold, and cough are easily caused.

These problems increase in winter or cold Influenza, (influenza, rhinoviruses) Rhinoviruses can also cause colds, fever, or breathing problems.

The report, further states that these are more prevalent in winter Dr. Rachel Lowe, of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said it was not immediately clear what or under what circumstances Corona was spreading.

Climate change or human behavior is increasing the coronation, it is not understood exactly.

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However, corona germs survive for a long time when it is cold outside the body.

In the case of the corona, 4-degree centigrade temperature is very helpful of corona Due to the low level of ultraviolet light.

The virus can spread very quickly So don’t let the sunrise This matter is still known.

Now the important question is do not grow in India in winter?

On behalf of the Indian College of Physicians, Dr. Shashank Joshi said that corona will really grow in winter and cold.

However, he makes it clear that the corona’s relationship with the temperature is not very clear.

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