Corona infection can damage your brain

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The corona infection is directly attacking the brain, not just the lungs.

Coronavirus is rapidly infecting brain cells that scientists have recently found evidence.

A recent study by the University of California in the United States has come up with such shocking information.

Scientists claim in the research paper that the brain is not getting infected fast.

Virus particles are rapidly invading brain cells. As a result, the flow of oxygen to the brain is blocked.

Scientists have compared this type of corona infection in the brain to the Zika virus.

This is because the Zika virus attacks the brain in the same way.

This information came to light after the corona infection in the brain of rats in the laboratory.

Scientists say the coronavirus is rapidly increasing the ‘viral load’ on the brain by causing cell division.

As a result, oxygen cannot reach the brain cells.

As a result of the widespread lack of oxygen, the brain cells gradually become paralyzed and then destroyed.

Corona infections cause blood to clot in the brain. The risk to the life of the victim is increasing.

Corona infection can damage the brain

According to Dr. Maddie Hornig, a psychiatrist and epidemiologist at Columbia University’s Melman School of Public Health, coronary heart disease can lead to various neurological problems in the future.Dr. Jeffrey Cyrillo, an expert professor at the University of Texas A&M, said coronary heart disease can cause regular convulsions headaches, and hallucinations.

He said there were several such incidents in Texas and Los Angeles last April.

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According to U.S. experts such as Dr. Jeffrey Cyrillo or Dr. Maddie Hornig, corona infections cause oxygen deficiency in the patient’s brain in about 30 percent of cases.

The Pain felling in the brain can also cause blood clots.

Blood clots in the brain can lead to various nervous problems and even strokes!

However, US experts say more research is needed to be sure.

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