Cinnamon tea works cure diseases, know the quality

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We are all familiar with cinnamon. It is easily available in almost every market.

The taste is doubled when it is given to food. Cinnamon is the best home remedy for many diseases. That is why it is also called the queen of spices.

We all know a lot about this common spice, but very few people know that cinnamon is not one, but many types some name is given below –

(i) Mexican Cinnamon, (ii) Cassia Cinnamon, and (iii) Saigon Cinnamon.

Cassia cinnamon is easily available, but Ceylon cinnamon is somewhat different from other species.

It is a member of the Cinnamon Laurel family. Its bark is used to make medicines.

Its special shape, light color, and delicate aroma set it apart from other cinnamon.

It is shaped like a coil (thin layer), so it is quite easy to break it. The good news is that Ceylon Cinnamon contains very little Coumadin.

This natural plant contains chemicals, which are responsible for liver damage.

How to make cinnamon tea?

First, pour water into a pan. Add cinnamon and some basil leaves. Boil water over medium heat for five to six minutes. Cover the pan.

Cinnamon tea works cure diseases, know the quality

You need to boil the water until half has done. Now pour water into the cup and add lemon juice according to taste. You can also give a little honey with it drink after that.

What is the benefit of this tea?

It is a good drink to avoid various diseases, which help in weight loss. Experts recommend taking it on an empty stomach in the morning.

1. Cassia or Ceylon Cinnamon – Ceylon cinnamon is a good treatment for diabetics.

It lowers insulin resistance in the body by stimulating insulin activity in its alternatives to insulin therapy.

2. Cancer Remedies – There is no cure for cancer, Ceylon Cinnamon is a promising home remedy for cancer patients.

It has anti-cancer enzymes as well as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties. Having these qualities means you have better immunity.

The antioxidants present in it enhance the activity of enzymes, which may prove to be a good cure for certain types of cancer.

3. To lower blood pressure – Each variety of cinnamon contains a sufficient amount of acid.

According to research, taking Ceylon cinnamon is beneficial in lowering blood pressure. This is the best treatment for heart problems.

4. Helps to melt waste fat – Ceylon Cinnamon cures many ailments. It also helps to be lean.

However, eat this cinnamon tea only after consulting your doctor.

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