Chandrayaan-1 found first-time moon rusting

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The only satellite of the earth is the moon, about which people have no end of curiosity.

People have already stepped on the moon several times sent to space yet it is still possible to know all the secrets of the moon.

Recently mysterious information is coming to the hands of astronomers. Water and oxygen are rusting on the surface of the moon.

Recently, while reviewing the data of ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) Chandrayaan 1 orbit, it is learned that some sensational information has come to light.

A researcher from the University of Hawaii conducted research on the water on the moon using data obtained from the Moon Mineralogy Measurement Device of Chandrayaan 1.

That’s when the issue of chili on the moon came to the front.

But water has not yet been discovered on the moon.

Chandrayaan-1 found first-time moon rusting

Scientists are wondering how it is possible to wear rust without water. Besides water, the moon also has no oxygen.

The reaction of water and oxygen causes iron to rust, which in scientific terms is called ferrous oxide.

Scientists believe that corrosion requires both iron, water and oxygen.

The moon may have had as little atmosphere as billions of years ago. But since the Moon’s gravitational force is very low (only one-sixth of the Earth’s).

the Moon could not hold it scientists say that the rust has been accumulating on the moon for many years, not recently.

Many are again blaming the world as the cause of this rust if any planet near the moon has oxygen, then it is our earth.

Research shows that the Earth is losing as little oxygen as possible in its atmosphere.

The vast magnetic field surrounding the earth penetrates the magnetosphere and reaches the moon.

ISRO and NASA scientist’s duet work

Pictures and information sent by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) ‘Chandrayaan-1’ have given this shocking news.

Chandrayaan-1 got the first traces of ice water and various minerals on the moon with the ‘Moon Mineralogy Mapper Instrument (M-Three)’ made by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in 2006.

After analyzing all those pictures and information, this time the eyes of the research team including Professor Shuai Li of the University of Hawaii in the United States have risen.

They saw that the moon was rusty. And that is not a recent event for many millions of years, our moon began to rust.

The study was published in the international science journal Science Advances.

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NASA and ISRO are in a dilemma as to how the curiosity to see the sky was born by the hand of which civilization was born.

Rust and decay require both iron water and oxygen.

The moon may have had an as little atmosphere as billions of years ago.

But the moon could not hold that atmosphere because the gravitational force is almost non-existent (one-sixth of the earth).

Who is providing oxygen on the moon?

Doubts are also looming as to whether there is still a stream of water flowing on the moon, the claim of which scientists have not yet found.

Oxygen is also hidden from the moon it is not supposed to survive.

Because there is no atmosphere, the moon has to endure every moment of the solar wind or solar wind and the gusts of solar particles.

At every moment, the solar wind is coming out of the sun with toxic solar particles.

It is spreading to all corners of the solar system, including the earth and the moon reaching the very end of the solar system. Solar air contains hydrogen ions.

Even though the moon was full of hidden oxygen, it would blow away in a blink of an eye made water claim scientists.

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