Cat’s Claw: Health Benefits, Uses, Side Effect, Suggestions

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What is Cat’s Claw?

Cat’s Claw is said to be one of the best antiviral herbs for cat claws to strengthen immune system and fight infection.

This powerful plant (Cat’s Claw) is not only antiviral, also has anti-inflammatory, antimutagenic and antioxidant properties.

These health-promoting features include cat’s claw; makes useful as a natural treatment for arthritis, allergies, asthma, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, cancer, viral infection, ulcers, hemorrhoids and more.

This woody vine, unique to Amazon rainforest, can help body to eliminate free radicals that damage cells and help with serious health problems.

It also contributes to solving a number of minor problems, as well as important health problems such as free radicals, heart disease and cancer.

According to test tube studiescat’s claw can stimulate immune system, expand blood vessels, act as diuretics and relax muscles (like intestines).

Cat’s claw may be a newer natural drug all over the world, but has a long history in South America based on Inca civilization. Inflammation, rheumatism, gastric ulcers, dysentery and even tumors to treat traditional medical treatment used by Indigenous peoples.

South American folk medicine is also used to treat arthritis, intestinal complaints and wounds. One of the most impressive effects of cat’s claws is their scientifically proven ability to repair DNA.

All of these features help make a useful plant to cat’s claw and this is not only thing that can do for you.

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Top 5 Health Benefits Of Cat’s Claw

1. Can Solve Arthritis Problem

Multiple studies have confirmed use of cat claws to naturally treat both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. In a 2001 study, 45 people who suffer from osteoarthritis of knee were given 100 milligrams of frozen dried cat’s claw or placebo tablets a day.

The researchers found that “activity decreased significantly during the first week of treatment of all pain associated with medical and patient evaluation scores.”

Knee pain during rest or nighttime periods did not decrease significantly with cat’s claws during short trial, but researchers concluded that cat’s claws were an effective treatment for osteoarthritis without a significant side-effect.

study published in Journal of Rheumatology examined effects of cat’s claw in active rheumatoid arthritis patients who are currently taking traditional rheumatoid arthritis drugs.

In this double blind study, 24 weeks treatment with cat claw extract reduced number of painful joints compared to placebo.

The extract was obtained from a specific cat’s claw containing pentascic oxindol alkaloids, compounds that appear to be immune system modulators.

2. Can Fight Against Cancer

Scientific research suggests that cat claws can help kill tumor and cancer cells in test tubes. A 2001 study showed that cat’s claw (Uncaria tomentosa) inhibits growth of MCF7 in human breast cancer cell line by having antimutogenic and antipolyprifiable effects on cancer cells.

Cat’s Claw also showed ability to fight leukemia. In a 2006 study published by British Journal of Hematology, four of 5 alkaloids examined prevented proliferation of human leukemic cells in laboratory, but researchers found that pteropodin and uncarine F in cat’s claw were particularly impressive.

These alkaloids are very powerful to inhibit growth of human leukemic cells and to prevent cells from being programmed cell death or apoptosis. This indicates that certain alkaloids have significant potential to kill cancer cells themselves as well as to stop cancer from continuing to grow.

A study in 2015 found that cat claws can be particularly useful for advanced cancer patients by improving quality of life and reducing fatigue. All this makes cat claws a potentially effective natural cancer treatment.

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3. Repair DNA

Tests have shown that cat’s claw can increase DNA repair, mitogenic response and leukocyte recovery after water-soluble extractions (C-Med-100), DNA damage induced by chemotherapy. Chemotherapy damage DNA of healthy cells, including many negative side effects common with conventional treatment.

In a 2001 study, effects of water soluble cat claw extract (250 and 350 milligrams per day) were investigated in adult volunteers who had previously undergone chemotherapy. The results were really great.

There was a significant decrease in DNA damage and an increase in DNA repair in both groups compared to non-supportive group. In addition, chemotherapy increased risk of infection, which usually reduces number of white blood cells, causing a rise in cat claw white blood cell proliferation.

In a 2006 study, ability of a water soluble cat claw extract to increase DNA repair in human skin was wanted to be evaluated. Researchers using skin cultures discovered that cat claw extract protects human skin cells from death induced by ultraviolet radiation.

So how does he do it? By increasing ability to repair DNA damage done by UV light of skin cells. Researchers believe that cat’s claw extract should be considered as natural sunscreen.

4. Lowers High Blood Pressure

The study of cat’s claw as a treatment for hypertension shows that can naturally help in lowering high blood pressure. In traditional Chinese medicine, cat’s claw (Uncaria rhynchophylla) has been used to lower blood pressure and improve various neurological symptoms.

It has been shown that cat’s claw inhibits platelet and blood clot formation. This can help prevent plaque formation and blood clots in heart and brain.

The ability of cat’s claw to improve blood pressure was associated with an alkaloid called hirsujin. It has been discovered that alkaloid is a calcium channel blocker in calcium channels in heart and blood vessels. Why is this important?

Calcium channel blockers can lower blood pressure by preventing calcium from entering heart cells and blood vessel walls. Calcium channel blockers expand and relax blood circulation themselves, which helps to maintain a healthy, smooth flow of blood.

5. Improves Immune Function

Both animal and human research showed ability to gain strong immunity of cat claws. In an animal research, researchers gave subjects eight weeks of water-soluble cat’s claw (Uncaria tomentosa) extract.

They found that this boost significantly increased number of white blood cells that fight infection in subjects. Researchers also observed that both DNA and double-stranded DNA repair. These two extremely impressive findings did not show signs of acute or chronic toxicity in animals.

Another human study gave adults a cat claw for two months before pneumonia was injected. The results observed “statistically significant immune development” in individuals receiving cat claw supplements compared to untreated control groups.

If you have any natural ways to prevent and treat pneumonia symptoms, especially if you do not get pneumonia (pneumonia), is a cat’s claw. Immune enhancing effects in humans have been found to be very impressive.

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