Cambridge University also start working on a corona vaccine

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The Covishield Ticker at Oxford University is now undergoing trials at various stages.

This time Cambridge, another traditional university, also joined hands to make the corona vaccine.

Scientists at Cambridge are trying to create a vaccine that can defeat not only Covid-19 but all future coronaviruses.

The pre-clinical trial of their vaccine has started from yesterday.

The ticker is named DIOS-Kovax2.

The vaccine is based on the genetic sequence of the coronavirus.

Mutations and variations of germs have been understood using 3D computer modeling.

The vaccine has generated interest from both investors and the general public.

The British government has allocated around 1.9 million for this.

Jonathan Hein, head of the Cambridge Laboratory of Viral Zoonotics, said they were confident the vaccine they developed would be useful in future infections and infections.

Cambridge University start corona vaccine

The vaccine is designed to prevent SARS, Mars, and other corona germs, which are transmitted from animals to humans.

The main purpose of this vaccine is to stop the way the coronavirus replicates itself in the human body.

This will stop this rapid infection in the body, there will be no other side effects.

This team of scientists is using a new vaccine technology called synthetic DNA design.

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They believe it is better than other technologies, with less risk of side effects.

Now that the corona vaccines are being worked on, most of the side effects are reported to be very high.

Moreover, scientists claim that their vaccines will be relatively cheaper than other vaccines.

Unlike other vaccines, this vaccine does not need to be refrigerated; this synthetic vaccine can be stored as a dry powder

. This will make it easier to make, supply, and other ancillary work.

The clinical trial of the human body will begin at the end of this year.

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