8 Best Health Benefits Of Booza: Uses & Warnings & Recommendations

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Benefits Of Booza

Booza, which is one of indispensable tastes of winter months, millet semolina, sugar and water is produced as a fermented drink.

Booza is a very nutritious beverage that preserves popularity from time of Central Asia and Ottoman Empire to present day.

It is rich in iron, phosphorus, niacin, sodium, A, B1, B2 and E vitamins.

Health Benefits Of Booza

Because of vitamins, is more preferred by athletes to give booza energy. Known for breast-milk-enhancing properties, booza helps body recover influenza, measles and common cold followed by body of diseases and increases resistance of body.

It removes burning in stomach through yeast, making easier to digest. Vitamin B contains supports mental activities, opens mind and eliminates fatigue of mind.

Throat infections caused by cold weather help in treatment of cough. As a result of recent studies have been seen cardiovascular diseases and carcinogenic substances to prevent formation of positive effects in body.

The oil content is almost zero.

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Benefits Cough Of Booza

 Booza is not a well-known drink in world, is mostly in our country and a very old past drinks. Therefore, is also used for therapeutic purposes.

✓ It is used for treatment of cough problems especially in children.

✓ Children who grow up in big city are especially affected by dirty air during development period, more pollution of air during winter months and people who are affected by allergic diseases with colds have respiratory problems and most obvious symptom of this is cough occurs.

✓ The cough that starts with destruction of bronchi may last for a long time when is not treated.

✓ If you have a cough problem in winter, especially children who have a blood test to determine whether there is an allergic problem, then lungs should be determined whether there is a problem with respiratory tract.

✓  Especially diagnosed allergic bronchitis affects children very much during winter months.

✓  Therefore, they are exposed to seizures of cough.

✓ Apart from treatments recommended by doctors, this problem is a significant benefit to booza.

✓  It helps with a large amount of A, B, C and E vitamins contains in children’s cough problems. In addition, different acids contains are also useful in booza yeast.

✓  In winter months, regular consumption of children in breaks of bronchus, eases removal of sputum, so that respiratory tract cleared, more comfortable breathing is provided.

✓ In addition to this, if you continue to take booza regularly for 2-3 days, has ability to cut even very severe coughs.

Booza is Useful For Breast Milk

Among the most common benefits of booza is that it increases breast milk. However, it cannot be ruled out that rich vitamins and minerals pass into baby together with breast milk.

Prevention of infectious diseases such as influenza and such conditions or rapid recovery of convalescence periods are among benefits of spoiling.

It also contains vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy bone structure of child. It also helps protect mother’s bone health.

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Protects Bone Health

It is rich in vitamins that strengthen bone structure of developing children. Reduces risk of developing bone diseases that may occur due to aging.

Booza Fights with Cancer

Vitamins and minerals contained in booza are generally beneficial for defense system of body. Besides, provides nutrients needed by defense system to fight cancer.

As increases body’s resistance, helps to eliminate factors causing cancer.

Booza is Beneficial For Digestive System

Booza is generally useful for digestive system. It prevents digestion of stomach by making it easier to digest, as well as keeping acid level in stomach at a healthy level thanks to acids it contains.

In the same way, it helps to clean intestines with help of acids contains.

Booza Against Cold

Especially in winter due to colds and cold influences caused by colds in fight against diseases serious contribution.

It reduces risk of developing such diseases and also helps to get rid of diseases faster, reduces severity of diseases.

One of the most important characteristics of disruptor is that is energizing.

Because contains a rich amount of vitamin B, is consumed by athletes on a regular basis. In addition to this, pregnant women before and after birth can ensure that the loss of power can be fulfilled.

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Booza helps in fight against stress, besides pleasant taste and smell of booza, substances contains have a positive effect on nervous system.

It has a sedative effect on nervous system which is worn and tired for different reasons. Because it is rich in vitamin B, relieves mental fatigue.

Booza Protects Health of Skin and Hair

Skin and hair health contained Vitamin B12 and disrupts other minerals is beneficial to health. Especially dry skin indirectly provides moisturizing and softening properties of skin.

It can prevent hair loss in dry skin. It adds a healthy look to skin.

Damages of Booza

  1. So far, there has been no evidence of any damage or side effects of booza.
  2. One of reasons for this is that there are not too many scientific laboratory studies.
  3. There are only limited studies conducted by TUBITAK about Booza and can be consumed with confidence in general.
  4. But as a result of excessive consumption may have some side effects. We think that consuming 2-3 cups daily will not cause a health problem.
  5. Excessive consumption can cause swelling and gas problems.
  6. The acids contains are beneficial for digestive system and may cause diarrhea problems as may disrupt acid level balance when over-consumed.


Plansthospital.Com Recommendations

~ It is a drink that is unfortunately consumed less than before.

It was one of the most consumed drinks of winter months in Ottoman period. However, changing habits have reduced consumption of booza and nowadays is only among luxury drinks.

But since is a drink which can be prepared naturally in house, we recommend to make a habit of consumption especially for children.

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