Bloodstone: Health Benefits, Meaning And Uses (Heliotrope)

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What Is BloodStone?

Bloodstone, which are one of methods that make it easier to get health in natural way, are a stone used to cleanse blood and to be more vigorous for centuries. It is thought to be a magical stone because of exotic appearance and high impact.

Bloodstone, known for its effect on destroying all negative aspects of human life, gives opportunity to be in comfort and coolness in spirit. It helps people to make most accurate decision in moments when they need to make the most immediate decision.

Features And Benefits Of Bloodstone

Bloodstones which are rare among natural stones are a useful stone dominated by red colors on green ground. Because of positive effect on human health, it is shown among healing stones.

Bloodstone has taken this name because of red spots. Iron oxide mineral in content of stone causes green color to turn red. Although it is thought to be used to stop blood flowing due to name, it has many benefits for human body rather than this function.

Having ability to increase memory, self-confidence and courage enables people to have these features who carry on bloodstone. People with low life energy by positively affect increase of joy of life.

Properties Of Bloodstone

Bloodstone also known as healing stones or heliotope names, level of hardness is between 6.5-7. Stone, which belongs to quartz group among natural stones, has dull glassy and opaque appearance.

Due to its being one of the rare stones in nature, it is produced in countries such as ChinaIndia and South America. It is believed that is a useful stone because it takes energy from sun among information from past to the present.

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What Are Features Of Real Bloodstone?

It is equally important to use healing stones in belief that they are real, even if they increase effect they will see in people’s bodies.

To make sure that the stones which are considered valuable according to characteristics of place where they were removed and their specific healing will be appropriate to these qualities, real and fake distinction will be made.

“Most common type of stone contains calcium in combination with either oxalate or phosphate”.

When red waves on green stone are broken, inside of the stone will be seen to make sure it is true. Otherwise, fake bloodstone manufacturers try to give red color of bloodstone by paint.

What Are Features Of Fake Bloodstone?

One of risks of waiting for people who believe in healing of bloodstones is possibility of encountering fake bloodstones. In the market, many people who want to make a profit on natural stones are buying expensive fake stones at a low cost.

In order to distinguish sellers who usually refer to staining process in order to give appearance of bloodstones, by burning stone will reveal fake of bloodstone.

Although faith is an important factor to feel effect of natural stones, it is absolutely necessary for stones to be real in energy they carry due to their structural features.

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Benefits Of Bloodstones

  • The most important feature of bloodstone that provides many benefits to people who use bloodstone in various ways is to help clean blood.
  • It is recommended to use a kidney stone for clean blood which is important to be healthy.
  • In addition to health benefits, it also has a characteristic that changes the character of person positively.
  • It will be inevitable for selfish people to see positive change in themselves after they start to use bloodstone.

Benefits Physical Of Bloodstone

  • It is important to note that risk of developing bloodstones increases with number of times a person has had a bloodstone. Leukemia is a cancer of blood in which too many granulocytes, a type of white blood cell, are produced in marrow.
  • Because of immune booster effect, it can have a body resistant to infectious diseases.
  • In treatment of iron deficiency, which increases effects such as fatigue and fatigue, effects of bloodstone should be used. It is known that women’s reduce menstrual pain and varicose pain.

Benefits Spiritual Of Bloodstone

Bloodstone is a stone that is capable of ensuring that the head of the human being is quite comfortable. It is possible that people who are mentally mind-filled and who do not know how to discharge will be healed if they use bloodstones.

In case of unexpected developments and changes in human life, bloodstone may also be given help to survive the adaptation process.

Due to the ability to transform the energy of the heart in all directions to positive, it is possible to lose the characteristics such as susceptibility, impatience and aggression and to be a very calm person.

How To Clean Bloodstone?

  • Bloodstone also reduces positive effects if used for a long time as in other natural stones.
  • As many people who are interested in healing stones, these stones should be cleaned at regular intervals.
  • Cleaning of the blood is carried out for 5 to 6 minutes under running water.
  • It is possible to see same effect by waiting for 1 hour under sun as an alternative to running water.
  • In cleaning of jewelry designed using bloodstone, water with vinegar is most ideal.
  • Gently cleaning accessories with vinegar water will remove the negative effects of the bloodstone will continue to provide healing.
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