12 Scientific Health Benefits Of Strawberry: Skin, Hair Health And More

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Besides delicious, mouth-watering and delightful taste, strawberry has incredible benefits in terms of health. Strawberry is a food that is used very much in both pharmaceutical industry and cosmetics sector.

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Strawberry; sweet, sour and delicious because of is queen of fruits would not be wrong. If we add to that contribution to health, term “queen” is missing.

Strawberries are among top 10 foods that contain antioxidants and many fruits are more important in terms of health benefits than vegetables. Maybe that’s why it’s used in a very wide area. Strawberry serves human health in more food, cakes, desserts, drinks, medicines, cosmetic products and more.

Strawberry contain plenty of vitamins A, C, B6 and B12. In addition, calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, sodium, manganese, magnesium and many other nutrients contains a large amount of component.

Strawberry benefits

Health Benefits Of Strawberry

Strawberry has many benefits in terms of health, but ‘Strawberry is the most useful to what? If a question is posed, answer of all health experts will undoubtedly be skin health’ Strawberry has amazing benefits to skin health.

Therefore, is widely used in cosmetic products. There is no face mask, no strawberries. Thanks to rich vitamins and components contains, strawberry can be a source of healing for many diseases including cancer and skin health.

1. Strawberry is Queen of Skin Health

Makes an incredible contribution to skin health. Particularly contained in vitamin C, salicylic acid, antioxidants, exfoliants are very effective against bubbles occurring on skin.

Therefore, is used even in face washing. With this feature, Strawberry cleanses skin from dead cells and fats.

Apart from this, is a very effective antioxidant that removes allergy on skin, protects skin against pollution, softens skin and reduces risk of skin diseases.

Strawberry juice has ability to light skin. It is also very effective against skin spots and freckles caused by old age. It has ability to remove freckles and facial stains. For this, strawberry juice 10-15 minutes is enough to apply to skin.

2. Skin Tonic With Strawberry

Mix two teaspoons of strawberry juice 50ml rose water and cotton wash your face with this mixture once a day. Keep it for 10 days. This application will allow you to achieve smooth and healthy skin without blemishes.

Strawberry skin tonic also has following benefits:

  • In case of skin weakening caused by aging, sun light causes more damage to skin, and strawberry skin tonic does not allow.
  • Protects sunlight against negative radiation damages on weak skin.
  • Contains vitamin C and antioxidant and protects from skin diseases caused by free radicals.
  • Vitamin C removes damage caused by free radicals on skin.

You can apply a teaspoon of honey, mashed strawberries and two teaspoons of milk cream to your face. This mixture will slow your skin’s aging and wrinkling.

It will also provide skin cleansing. It will help to remove dead cells and fats collected on skin over time. In addition, dry skin, especially during winter months of this application can be used in front of spills. In addition, opens skin pores to moisturize skin.

3. Helps Treat Acne

Strawberries contain vitamin C, alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), salicylic acid and strawberry flavonoids, are very effective against acne removal and oil removal.

Fresh strawberry masks are effective for dull, damaged or acne prone skin owners. 7-8 strawberries add a tablespoon of milk and mix thoroughly. Apply on your face for 10-15 minutes. Apply this at least once a week to get rid of acne.

Thanks to this mixture you can get rid of acne in 4-5 weeks.

4. Removes Bulge Under Eyes

Excessive fatigue and aging depending on swelling under eyes can eliminate strawberry. Therefore;

Slice strawberries thinly and put them under your eyes for 10-13 minutes, then wash off your face with warm water.

With this application, you can get rid of bloating, darkening and bruises that occur under eye.

5. Repairs Damaged Skin

Contain a large amount of vitamin C and has ability to repair tissues. Especially so-called ‘collagen’ substance can play an important role at this point. Because this substance dissolves quickly in water, cannot find possibility of hiding more in body.

This is why needs to be obtained from food. A cup of strawberry or strawberry juice contains more than this ingredient and can make vital contributions to damaged skin.

6. Effective Foot Cleaner

Another feature of strawberries is that is an effective foot cleaner. Mash 8-10 strawberries and mix with oats before your feet for 10 minutes and then apply this mixture by rubbing your feet soak them in warm water for 15 minutes. Thanks to this application, layers of dead cells in your feet will disappear.

benefits of Strawberry

7. Good For Hair Health

Contain B5 and B6 vitamins. These vitamins are vital to hair health. Because strawberries contain plenty of vitamins, can prevent hair loss.

7-8 ripe strawberries, crush and mix with one tablespoon mayonnaise. Apply this mixture to your hair and scalp. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse your hair.

This mixture will significantly contribute to health of your hair. It will also moisturize dry hair while strengthening hair roots. In addition, shampoos will give your hair natural shine in this mixture. This means that by spending less money you will have more reliable, healthier and cheaper hair care.

Another benefit of this mixture is that removes problem of dandruff and protects health of scalp.

8. Important For Eye Health

Depending on age, a lens-shaped layer can form on eyes. This layer weakens ability to see. Vitamin C, which contains plenty of strawberries, does not allow this layer to occur.

It protects eye from harmful sun rays. Strengthens retina and cornea. The best way to eliminate any eye disease is to take vitamin C supplements. Strawberries too see this task.

9. Good For Cholesterol

Contain protective components from diseases, one of which is very rich in phytonutrient. These ingredients add color to strawberries and also keep cholesterol at a healthy level.

10. Heart Health

Many ingredients and ingredients contained in strawberries are also beneficial to heart health. It helps especially in functions of heart vessel. Reduces tendency of blood clotting. It also reduces risk of paralysis and stroke.

11. Protects Bone Health

Vitamin K and manganese contained in strawberry are vital for bone health. It helps children to develop healthy skeletal structures during development period, while reducing risk of developing bone diseases of people of other ages.

12. Protects From Cancer

Strawberry is an effective antioxidant in many parts of article emphasized. This helps body to fight cancer and reduces risk of cancer. In particular, neutralizes free radicals that cause cancer.

Golden Strawberry

Benefits Of Golden Strawberry

Golden strawberries are more preferred by diabetic patients. Golden strawberries have been consumed in our country in recent years. So we can say that golden strawberry does not have much history in Turkey.

As health benefits of golden strawberries are discovered, is a food type with increasing consumption. The golden flower, also called ground cherry, is mostly grown in South America.

  • Can be useful for some types of pain such as rheumatism.
  • There are experts who state that golden strawberries are good for respiratory diseases. It is especially good for patients with asthma and bronchitis.
  • Gold strawberry with antibacterial properties is a very effective antioxidant. It is effective against eczema and infectious diseases.
  • Said to be effective against cancer diseases.
  • Vomiting, nausea and abdominal pain may be an alternative.
  • There are health professionals who indicate that golden strawberries are beneficial for leukemia.
  • Can heal diseases such as colds and flu in winter.
  • Golden strawberries have antipyretic properties.
  • Strengthens immune system and strengthens fight against diseases.
  • Keeps person fit. Golden strawberry is an excellent source of energy.

Mountain Strawberry

Benefits of Mountain Strawberry

Mountain strawberry is a wild plant and is an excellent source of food. It can make serious contributions to health with help of highly effective components and minerals. It is also called crone of people.

  • Generally protects skin health.
  • Successful in fight against pimple and acne.
  • Can relieve pain and pain caused by rheumatism.
  • Important and positive effects on nervous system, helps the functions of brain.
  • Supports fight against stress.
  • Feature of reducing fire caused by mountain strawberry colds.
  • Useful for digestive system.
  • Especially fibers contains are important for stomach and intestinal health.
  • Helps kidney function properly.
  • Good for constipation.
  • Protects body, provides a serious contribution to metabolism.
  • Can eliminate common vascular problems in smokers.
  • Can relieve urinary tract infections. Intestine spills worms.
  • Possible to dry leaves of mountain strawberry.
  • This is very useful to structure.
  • Mountain strawberries are beneficial for bone health.
  • It is recommended that children consume.
  • Strengthens immune system and reduces risk of contracting diseases.

Benefits Of Strawberry Oil

Strawberry oil is derived from strawberry on name. Benefits of strawberry oil are one of newly discovered products. Strawberry oil, usually used in cakes and pastry . Recently, research on Strawberry oil has revealed many benefits of strawberries oil.

However, has been started to be consumed as main food source or to be preferred as an alternative treatment in diseases. Strawberry oil is used mostly for skin health.

  • Skin is an important alternative to health.
  • Strawberry oil softens and purifies skin.
  • Can prevent spills on dry skin, moisturizes skin.
  • It has feature of opening skin pores.
  • Can be used as a treatment tool against acne.
  • Therapeutic effect against acne and black spots.
  • Strawberry oil can also be used for foot cleaning. Washing feet by mixing with warm water helps to get rid of layers of dead cells.

Damages Of Strawberry

Strawberry has own taste, naïve smell and contains a thousand kinds of beneficial foods we have seen many benefits. It can also cause problems when consumed too much.

Here are some of damages of strawberry:

  • When consumed excessively, may cause problems such as swelling, allergies, vomiting, flushing, abdominal pain, diarrhea.
  • May cause burning and gas in stomach.
  • Mountain strawberries are a very effective source of food and can cause poisoning.
  • There are experts claiming that strawberry oil can be used in salads or other meals but we certainly do not recommend and oral consumption.


We have studied many benefits of strawberries together in terms of Health. In this article we talked about benefits of strawberries and by-products from head to toe.

We recommend that you grow at your own expense to maximize miraculous benefits of strawberry. Because is almost impossible to find organic in strawberries. Non-organic strawberries have little or no harm to health.

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