12 Proven Benefits Of Orange, Orange Juice, Orange Peel & Orange Tea

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What is orange? What are health benefits of orange? Are you curious? Okay. Don’t stop. Keep reading. Orange is a member of citrus family that is rich in vitamin C. It is a type of tree that ranges from 2-10 m in length. Hard and durable leaves have smooth edges.

The leaves are hard-resistant and flat-border. It contains not only vitamin C but also vitamin B, potassium, calcium, magnesium.

Orange is also rich in fiber, organic acids and sugar, orange is one of the most widely consumed and known fruits of winter months. Under shell section of extract is yellow or red with plenty of water and slices.

Orange blossom is obtained from skins and orange blossom is obtained from flowers. In addition to being consumed as a fruit, as well as jam and canned orange, orange is also used in pharmaceutical industry.

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Health Benefits Of Orange

Thanks to rich vitamin C content, gives resistance to diseases seen in winter. Helps prevent colds and flu infections more quickly. Vitamin B and phosphorus in content strengthens nervous system, is useful in elimination of physical fatigue.

Strengthens liver, cleans blood and removes harmful substances in body. High blood pressure helps reduce bad cholesterol. It is recommended to consume plenty of folic acid by pregnant women and children due to contents. The tea prepared by boiling and brewing flowers is protective against spasms.

Orange juice is very useful for oily and combination skin. However, orange juice should be consumed shortly after being squeezed.

Otherwise, ingredients in content of discretion lose nutritional value. It can be used in treatment of esans acne in shell of orange.

Benefits for Immune System of Orang

Orange, an indispensable fruit of winter months, strengthens immune system with rich vitamin C content and provides excretion of toxins in body.

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Increases body’s resistance to disease risk increases. During disease, duration of consumption of plenty of orange juice shortens disease. Helps body stay fit.

Dumps Kidney Stones

If consumed regularly over time, can developing kidney stones cry.

Lowers Cholesterol

Contains hesperidine and pectin. These substances lower present bad cholesterol. This also helps body to slow down absorption of fat.

Prevents Diabetes

Can be consumed daily because of contains low calories. It is very effective in positively affecting blood sugar level.

Arthritis Can Eliminate

A glass of orange juice consumed per day can usually relieve inflammation caused by arthritis. The anti-inflammatory property can help reduce risks of rheumatoid arthritis.

Reduce Blood Pressure

Oranges contain hesperidine and magnesium, and the most important feature of these substances is to lower blood pressure.

Protects Health of Digestive System

Contains ingredients and ingredients that make easy to digest food taken from digestive system. They help to digest these effective nutrients.

benefits of orange

Moisturizes Skin

Natural oils in orange can be used to moisturize skin. It can eliminate problems especially in dry skin.

Reduces Risk Cancer

A component called D-linonene, which is usually found in orange and other citrus fruits, reduces risk of contracting diseases such as colon cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, breast cancer. In addition, vitamin C protects cells from damage caused by free radicals and prevents emergence of different cancer cases.

Contributes to Brain Health

The folic acid contained in oranges helps to maintain brain health. It also strengthens immune system.

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Protects Skin Health

It protects skin health in general by fighting against free radicals. Apart from this, flavonoids and polyphenols contained in help fight viral infections. Orange peel and powder, an excellent source of vitamin C, are widely used for skin health.

It is very effective in treatment of acne. It can remove dirt, acne and black spots. It removes toxins and allows skin pores to be opened, air to get and moistened. It refreshes skin cells and cleans skin from dead cells.

In addition, skin whiten, bright and healthy appearance to gain orange, at the same time harmful sunlight removes damage.

Moisturizes skin when applied to skin topically orange. It can eliminate dry skin problems such as hair loss, itching and redness.

The application of orange juice and orange peel to skin in general softening skin, allows removal of germs. Maintains levels of skin oils.

Protects Hair Health

Mix some honey into orange juice and apply to your hair for 5-10 minutes while also nourishing your hair.

Nourishes roots of hair, prevents hair loss and also contributes to scalp health when applied to scalp.

Other Benefits of Orange

  • Because is rich in calcium, protects bone health.
  • Because of contains high fibers, prevents ulcers.
  • Improves vision.
  • It does not allow vascular stiffness and protects heart health.

Benefits Of Orange Juice

Orange juice is obtained by pressing orange. In general, have benefits similar to benefits of orange.

  • Maintains blood pressure and indirectly contributes to heart health.
  • Strengthens immune system.
  • With help of vitamins and minerals, reduces risk of cancer.
  • Effective against ulcers.
  • Orange juice can prevent formation of kidney stones.
  • Facilitates weight loss and encourages fat burning.
  • Reduces risk of heart attack, generally protects heart health.
  • Containing an intense amount of vitamin C also removes anemia by rich amount of minerals and components contains.
  • Delays aging by protecting skin health.
  • Children play an important role in development process, bone health is one of foods that children must consume necessarily.
  • The properties of ready orange waters can be lost in factory environments.
  • For this reason, we recommend that orange juice should be consumed in home by natural means in order to benefit from maximum benefits.

Benefits Of Orange Peel

The health benefits of orange peel are very little known. After orange is generally consumed, shells are discarded.

But I’m sure you’ll have to change this habit after reading this article.

  1. Flavonoids contain vitamin C. This feature helps maintain health of body while also slowing growth of cancer cells.
  2. Contain hesperedin, which balances cholesterol level.
  3. This peel increases rate of metabolism, making easier to burn more fat and thus to lose weight.
  4. The digestive system maintains health and plays an important role in clearing digestive system, particularly intestines.
  5. In particular, skin deals with infectious diseases. It strengthens immune system against infectious diseases.
  6. It is effective against bronchitis which is one of respiratory diseases.
  7. Eliminate elements that cause bad breath odors.
  8. How to consume: We recommend organic oranges to consume orange peel.
  9. Thoroughly wash shells and grate them into small pieces or grate.
  10. Then dry orange peels.
  11. You can consume orange peels in salads and orange peels that you cut into small slices.

orange peel benefits

Benefits Of Orange Peel Tea

Orange peel tea is rarely used, but we recommend that orange be consumed from shell to benefit from health. Preparation of orange peel tea, as described in recipe above, prepare orange peel. Then wait for 10-15 minutes to infuse and put in a cup boiled water.

  • Orange peel tea helps fight against viruses and bacteria. Cough, asthma, bronchitis, chest tension and are useful in treatment of colds. It usually helps to eliminate sputum in lungs.
  • Drink orange peel tea can be beneficial for a good digestion. It is also used for treatment of constipation.
  • Provides good oral hygiene. It helps in treatment of sensitive skin and also eliminates bad breath.
  • Another benefit is for bloodstream and lymph system.
  • Also orange peel tea allows you to fight stress, irritability and insomnia.
  • It can increase breast milk.

Damage Of Oranges

It is usually a healthy food source for all ages. There is no harm in terms of health. Some health professionals argue that consuming too much can have side effects for patients with diabetes.

  • When consumed too much, can raise blood sugar.
  • Excessive consumption of children under 6 may cause allergies.
  • Can cause skin allergies in people with sensitive skin.


It is important to consume orange in season and fresh. Organic oranges inside, outside, shell is proven to be beneficial in terms of health. Orange peel is especially useful for protecting skin health.

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