34 Amazing Benefits Of Charoite Stone

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Properties Fluoride Stone

Fluoride Stone is like a flower bouquet with dazzling colors. It is a beautiful stone that is sought in glass brightness and rich colors.

It has an equal-sized crystal structure. Mostly Cuban or eight-faced ones are offered for sale. It glows in purple when you are exposed to light to display a uniform color distribution. This is his most decisive feature.

When your thoughts are vague and confused, take your Fluoritestone into your hand, and you will see your thoughts sharpened. In the same way, you can use this stone when your mind is tired.

Purple color easily competes with amethyst stone and looks like. It must be hard to separate the two.

Due to fluorescence properties, the colors it emits are quite variable, and under ultraviolet light, it shows blue, yellow, white and reddish colors.

It takes its name from the Florentine element in it. Red and green Fluorite Phosphorescence is characterized in terms of distinctive properties.

Fluorite Stone Benefits

Healing Power Of Fluoride Stone

Fluoride Stone is a powerful healing tool dealing with infections and imbalances. Good for teeth, cells, and bones, DNA damage! Repair it. It is very powerful against viruses, especially potion. Revitalizes skin and especially the mucous tissues in the respiratory tract Flo Rida, it is good for ulcers and wounds.

Colds heal colds and sinusitis. It removes adhesions by activating the joints. Improves arthritis, rheumatism and spine injuries. It relieves pain when it is circulated in the body through the movements towards the heart.

It removes nerve-induced pain, helps the skin, removes stains and wrinkles. Used in dental procedures. It increases sexual libido.

General Properties Of Fluoride Stone

  • Hardness: 4
  • Specific Weight : 3.0 – 3.3
  • Chemical Formula: Caf
  • Compatible With: Air
  • Compatible chakra: root, third eye, crown, forehead
  • Color: yellow, red, green, pink, blue, violet, purple and white colors can be.
  • Main countries of Origin: England, West Germany, and the USA

General Benefits Of Fluoride Stone

• It allows the person to escape the prisoner of memories and the senses to calm the feeling of emptiness. It gives balance and calmness in irregular and scattered moments.

• Energy, soothing and peaceful. A transparent fluoride can be used in conjunction with other stones, but purple fluoride is a stone that weakens its effect when used in conjunction with other stones.

• When your thoughts are vague and complex, take your Fluorite into your hand and you will see that your thoughts are sharpened. In the same way, you can use this stone when your mind is tired.

• Fluorite will support you when you are emotionally unhappy and you get irrational thoughts that bother you.

• It helps the person’s mind to be in harmony with his / her spirit and helps him/her to realize his / her interesting projects.

• Works that are afraid of doing and thought to be inadequate, energy, support the person. It is effective in headaches.

• When used near the neck area, it increases attention and destroys the feeling of inadequacy. This feature, therefore, helps in jobs that are afraid to do and felt inadequate. Those who are afraid of driving may try this stone.

• Fluorite will support you when you are unhappy in emotional terms, and you are overwhelmed by irrational thoughts that bother you.

• Strengthens one’s analytical abilities. It is a particularly useful stone for students and those who work with attention due to its increased mental clarity and concentration effect.

Cleaning Of Fluoride Stone

To increase the effect of fluoride stone needs to be cleaned and purified. Cleaning of fluorite stone is done by washing 5 minutes under flowing water or by waiting 10 minutes in vinegar water. It also cleanses the sun for 1 day.

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