Top 8 Wonderful Benefits Of Crow Grass

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What is Crow Grass?

Let’s all answer the question of the benefits of crow grass. Many people can also cure alternative medicine for patients.

The fact that plants have no healing power and that something not found in nature is not produced unnecessarily increases its significance as plants begin to recognize it.

Alternative Medicine called the plant treatment method, even the medicine is helpless in some cases can catch people’s help.

However, it is important to remember that all the plants that will be used regardless of and the cures that will be made with these plants will be used in conjunction with the doctor’s control and medicine.

The plum blossom family, which is an extensible plant of about 50 to 100 cm in diameter, generally loves damp places and is most commonly found in forest areas.

It is known that the crow grass with red and pink flowers gathered between June and August.

Crow Gross

6 Amazing Benefits of Crow Grass

It is also known that the crow grass, which is especially therapeutic in terms of the dominant region, however, it is known to be good for many diseases.


Sometimes there are healing properties against diarrhea, which are dangerous types that can be exposed to various causes and which can be annoying or even lead to death if no action is taken.


It is known that crow grass is good at hurting. It will be seen that when the crow grass is boiled and becomes mush then the wounds heal on the wounds.

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Also, gargle is made after the crow grass is boiled and the ball is flavored against the wound which is formed in the mouth. This will be an important source of treatment for wound healing in the mouth.


As mentioned above, the crow grass is one of the most important plants recommended for the crop. If the water is obtained by boiling the leaves of the crow’s grass against the hemorrhoids called hemorrhoids and the dressing is done to the affected area, the healing effect will start to show itself.

Fever Reducer

It can be used as a fever-reducing agent in high fever disease.

Sputum Remover

If the drinker continues to drink by boiling with honey and boiling with the base of the camel, it will remove both sputa and cleans the lungs with the expectorant effect.

As mentioned above, other benefits are not counted as crow grass. However, medicinal plants should only be used for doctor’s supervision in addition to doctor’s treatment for alternative medicine.


The plant grows in meadows, forests, roadsides, and damp places. Perennial plant creeps. The length varies between 10-50 cm.

The stems are four corners and very sparse. Round leaves are opposite, short stem and flat edge. The golden-yellow flowers are stalked. It blooms from June to July. Proliferate with shoots coming out of nodes.

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Methods Of Using Crow Grass

Crow Grass Tea

  • Chopped 1 full teaspoon 150 ml of hot water is added to the whole crow grass.
  • 5 min is filtered and brewed.
  • Drink 2-3 teacups a day.

Crow Grass Soap

Crow grass’s soap grows with the seeds he poured. The plant’s root and other parts of the plant are sprayed with water due to the presence of saponin, glue, resin, volatile and fixed oils, and the plant’s root and other parts of the plant are sprayed with soap.

Thus, crow grass soap is used for cleaning old and valuable, especially woolen fabrics.

According to the locals among the locals, it is also known as coven grass, crow grass soap, soap grass, Buburgen is also known by names such as.

What Are The Benefits Of Crow Grass Soap?

It is suggested that it is effective on gallstones, diaphoretic, diuretic, bronchitis, and an expectorant in dry cough.

For these cases, the crow grass soap body, the stem, leaves, and flowers are collected from mid-summer through autumn.

Dry in the shade and airy place. 2 dessert spoons are taken from this dried mixture. A glass is boiled well in water.

The cake can be drunk three to four glasses a day. Also, it is effective against eczema, skin infections, and boils.

Like most plantsrootsleaves, and flowers are boiled and drunk as tea. External lent is used.

Grilled and mixed with honey and boiled grape juice. Especially teenagers who complain of puberty are good at this adolescent acne.

It is good for colds and flu. It has the effect of cleansing the blood. Rheumatism is good for muscle and muscle pain.

It gives strength and vitality to the hair. There is a sexual power boost effect. It’s good for liver failure.

Hives are good for skin disease. It is good for distress like psoriasis and eczema. It is a biliary detonator.

Increase the bile flow by stimulating the contraction of the bile sisal. The above-prepared teaspoon is applied externally several times a day as a cleanser to such places.

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