Ban Tik Tok in the US if ownership is changed within 45 days

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This time, the Donald Trump government has taken a step towards banning Chinese apps TikTok and We Chat in the United States.

If the Chinese do not change ownership within 45 days, both apps will be banned in the United States President Donald Trump issued the directive with special financial powers.

However, there is no requirement in the guidelines that the United States should pay a portion of the revenue of these two apps even if they change ownership.

However, the US President has been vocal in making such demands for the last few days.

The guidelines make it clear that after 45 days.

No person or organization will be able to make any personal or property transactions in the United States with Byte Dance Ltd (who owns TikTok).

The decision by the United States raises the possibility of a change of ownership of the popular social media app in order to survive.

The Chinese social media app has already suffered huge financial losses after India banned TikTok.

President Donald Trump has demanded that ticking be banned in the United States after September 15 unless it is sold to a US company.

There is a possibility that Microsoft could buy TikTok the truth of this news has been acknowledged on behalf of the organization

 Ban Tik Tok in the US if ownership is changed

The United States, like India, has cited national security as the reason behind the ban Allegedly, through this app, not only the personal information of US citizens.

But also the secret information of the country is going directly into the hands of the Chinese Communist Party.

There are also cases of personal information blackmail, corporate espionage.

Shortly after announcing the guidelines on TikTok, Donald Trump issued similar guidelines on WeChat.

Funds can also be transferred using We Chat in the US If you do not follow the guidelines for change of ownership.

Which is going to be completely banned

As soon as Donald Trump began thinking about banning ticks.

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Some White House sources who were aware of the issue claimed that the ownership of ticks in the United States could be sold to any US company.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post, by the way, Tiktok has about 100 million followers in America.

A spokesman for the company had earlier claimed that the social media app 8 would continue in the United States as before.

Why US want to ban Tik Tok?

  1. India banned Tik Tok With other 59 Chinese apps for national security issues.
  2. Microsoft wants to purchase the Tik Tok app for global business.
  3. Us president Donald Trump does not want to use data servers in China because of national security chance to like in China.
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