The Amazing Antioxidant Properties of Arugula

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What is Arugula?

Arugula green leaves that belong to the family of cruciferous are mostly used in salads but are consumed as garnish.

The arugula, which has been popular in Mediterranean countries, has been consumed in the USA and other European countries for the last ten years.

Arugula has a green leafy taste and has rich content in terms of vitamin C. Vitamin C, as well as various minerals, glucosinolate, calcium, folate, and A, K and P vitamins are also the active ingredients of the arugula. 100 grams of arugula is enough to meet a person’s almost daily vitamin K needs.

Health Benefits Of Arugula

It also helps remove harmful substances from the body and cleanse the blood. In recent years research has shown that it plays a supportive role in the treatment of lung and bowel cancer. It facilitates weight gain by opening the appetite.

Hepatitis C is a liver disease caused by the hepatitis C virus (HCV). It strengthens the immune system, beautifies the skin, accelerates the regeneration of the cells and supports the body to fight diseases better.

The most common consumption of the arugula is the use of leaves in salads. It can also be consumed as a tea by boiling the arugula plant, which can be consumed alone.

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1.) Cancer Benefits Of Arugula: The most important benefit of the arugula is that it strengthens the body against cancer. Lung cancer is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the tissues of the lung.

It is a self-extracting plant in nature, but it is also grown for production purposes. The stems and seeds of the arugula, which is suggested to be consumed more raw, can also be consumed.

2.) Amazing Antioxidant Properties Of Arugula: Arugula is a very important antioxidant source. Because of this feature, it prevents many diseases and strengthens the immune system and helps to maintain a healthy balance of enzyme reactions within the cell.

Antioxidants reduce the risk of heart disease, especially cancer disease, colds, good for colds, protects the immune system. Antioxidants are the biggest enemies of free radicals that cause disease. Therefore, no matter how much we tell the contribution of the arugula to health, it remains incomplete.

3.) Arugula Strengthens Bones: Arugula, which contains plenty of vitamin K, provides the amount needed to perform the functions of the body healthily and also contributes to bone health.

It provides nutrients to strengthen bones and protects them from diseases that may occur due to aging, and provides a serious contribution to the formation of healthy and healthy skeletal structures of children.

4.) Argula Protects The Eye And Vision Health: Arugula is a very useful food source for the carotenoids which are very necessary for eye and vision health.

People with low-level vision problems may be able to solve this problem. Also, it reduces the risk of developing cataracts, as well as slowing down the symptoms of cataracts.

5.) Arugula Helps To Lose Weight: It is a very effective food source for those who are on a diet. It contains very low calories. It does not allow the deficiency of vitamins and minerals that can occur due to the hunger besides the satisfactory feature by supplying the many nutrients that the body needs. Balanced and healthy without losing minerals helps to weaken.

Also, arugula is a useful food for the digestive system. It makes digestion easier, increases the movement of the intestines so that nutrients can be digested and those that are unnecessary are thrown out faster.

6.) Good For Diabetes: The arugula contains a variety of antioxidants and is also an important source of healing for diabetics. Some of the ingredients in it increase insulin sensitivity and maintain a healthy level of blood sugar.

7.) Protects Cardiovascular Health: Being very rich in antioxidants indirectly contributes to heart health. It prevents the heart from working excessively due to blockage in the arteries.

It prevents free radicals from forming layers in the walls of the veins and ensures that the veins remain elastic and soft. So it makes blood circulation easier in veins.

8.) Protects The Digestive System: It contains a small amount of water and is important for the stomach and intestines. It allows the functioning of the intestines and relieves constipation problems. In general, the digestive system is an important source of healing for health.

It helps to cleanse the intestines from harmful bacteria. It’s easy to digest, so it doesn’t get tired. It keeps the acid level healthy for stomach health.

9.) Protects Skin And Hair Health: Arugula contains nutrients that protect skin and hair health. Iron deficiency anemia is the most common type of anemia in the United States. Fixes broken problems in fingernails. It is useful for blood cells.

Damages Of Arugula

1.) Arugula consumption is reliable in terms of Health. However, in case of excessive consumption of some minerals and nutrients that can change the rate of consumption should be taken care of seriously. When consumed too much, it is possible to encounter the following problems:

2.) It is recommended that patients with blood clots and blood pressure problems should drink under the supervision of a doctor.

3.) The arugula must be properly maintained. Improper containment negatively affects the level of nitrite contained by the arugula, which can be a potential threat to health.

4.) The above-mentioned situation is especially true for patients with heart disease. The best thing is that people who have problems with heart health consume under doctor control.


During the season and fresh consumption of the arugula is important in terms of Health. Especially used in salads. Consuming rocking during winter reduces the risk of catching epidemics and cold illnesses that occur during winter, among other benefits.

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