Amalaki eating too much can be dangerous to your health!

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Amalaki eats because to stay fit in your body. Its solves thousands of problems such as increase hair shine, reduce roughness, brighten skin, eliminate stomach upset, and strengthen the body has started to go slowly.

At this time, in various types of viral fibers, multiple problems including digestive problems occur in our health.

As the temperature rises, so does the amount of air pollution. As a result, various types of lung infections including shortness of breath and asthma are seen in various research.

In this situation, many people talk about eating seasonal fruits. Amalaki is a very effective fruit in this case.

The vitamin C and antioxidants present in it can protect against multiple diseases.

But playing more Amalaki may be the opposite to face health-related issues.

If eat Amalaki too much which problem can occur in your body?

1. Harmful for the heart – It is a powerful cardiovascular stimulant. But bureaucracy does not have any hard effect on your heart.

However, experts say that if you have any cardiac problems, you should consult your doctor before using this fruit.

Amalaki eating too much can be dangerous to your health!

2. Allergies can occur – very few people can be allergic to the effects of bureaucracy.

Overeating can lead to some health problems. Such as stomach worms, nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain may occur.

3. You can be feeling cold – bureaucrats greatly reduce body temperature. Thus, eating too much of the fruit can cause fever and a runny nose.

If you are already suffering from a cold or cough, it is better not to eat. In this case, use amla in the form of Triphala.

4. Avoid if any surgery happened in your body – in some cases, it is best to avoid the fruit.

If any surgery or anyone is taking a blood-thinning medicine, then it would be wise to take Amalaki with the advice of a doctor.

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Amalaki should also be avoided by pregnant women or those who are breastfeeding.

5. There may be constipation – it is better to chew mango than to eat juice or any other way. Amalaki is available in large quantities at this time.

So when the yield is high in winter, you should take the opportunity to eat more fruits buy from the markets.

In summer 1-2 mangoes can be eaten on a full stomach every day. This is the most beneficial.

However, it is not right to eat more than one or two mangoes a day because it contains a lot of vitamin C. This can cause constipation.

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