15 Best Health Benefits Of Alexandrite Stone

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What is Alexandrite Stone ?

Alexandrite Stone is a stone that shows color transitions in bluegreen, non-natural light like sunlight in red-purple colors.

The color transitions are sharper and alexandrites which do not show brownish color are more valuable.

It is one of the rare gemstones that have color transitions on earth. It belongs to the beryl group like emerald.

Alexandrite Stone was first discovered in Ural Mountains in Russia in 1830 and the most valuable of these natural stones was presented as a gift to the Russian Tsar Aleksandra. For this reason, this gemstone is known by his name.

Since this bed in the Ural Mountains is closed after a short period of operation, the Alexandrite Stone obtained here are very rare and very valuable.

Today, Sri Lanka is also extracted from Zimbabwe and Brazil, but Russian origin is one of the most valuable ones.

Alexandrite Stone is useful in protecting from harmful rays due to its ability to filter cosmic rays. It is known to be good for nervous system disorders. It helps in the treatment of pancreatic and spleen disorders.

Properties of Alexandrite Stone

Alexandrite stone is located in the color changing stone group. Stone, which receives light and dark tones in sunlight, is purple and red when artificial light is held.

Main reason for this is iron content. When exposed to high-rated heat, it has the ability to disperse like sand. In the same way, are emerging changes yellowish, reddish in color.

Alexandrite stone, which is mostly round in shape, has a very bright shade. It is the most basic feature that allows it to be separated from chrysoberyl stone.

Chrysoberil is more splayed and thinner. Also its color is dimmer. Moreover, the color changing feature is only available in alexandrite stone.

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Benefits Of Alexandrite Stone

1.) Protection From Harmful Rays

It is known that the alexandrite stone, which is a different bond between the light, and its protective function against harmful rays.

If there is a vehicle that emits radiation-induced harmful light in the environment, especially in sunlight, the alexandrite stone collects all these negative rays from itself.

For this reason, having a ring made of this special stone on your fingers will protect your body from the radiation.

2.) Helps Fight Against Blood Cancer

One of the most important benefits of Alexandrite stone is that it helps you to fight blood cancer.

This stone, which increases the death of harmful cancer cells among the blood cells, provides an increase in normal healthy cells. Therefore, it will enable the body to renew itself. It is also revealed that it will reduce the pain by half.

Effective in cell regeneration will accelerate the body’s self-repair. Therefore, alexandrite stone can be used to reduce cancer damage.

3.) Increases Touch Feeling

When you touch any object, human being or a living being, you feel as much as your skin can. If you feel a little touch, your sensation is less.

One of the most important effects of Alexandrite stone is its sensitivity in the sense of touch. It allows you to feel the object you touch as versatile.

Therefore, there is observed increase in sensitivity towards touching on your fingers.

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What are Benefits Physiological of Alexandrite Stone?

Alexandrite stone is a stone that puts an end to hormonal imbalances. Especially, during of women’s menstrual period of hormonal problems can be terminated with this stone. It also benefits physiological diseases caused by hormones.

This special stone, which makes the best use of the proteins taken in the body, carries out the task of regulating protein digestion. In this way, ıt is prevented many diseases caused by protein deficiency.

Alexandrite stone, which enables the human metabolism to work faster and more regularly, prevents the contractions due to neural problems.

This is the most common type of stone. In addition, it is known that the stone, which is believed to have an effect on the skeletal system, is good for the bone problems.

What are Benefits Psychological of Alexandrite Stone?

Alexandrite stone is one of the stones loved by women. When the hormonal effects are taken into consideration, it is seen that there are some neurological problems.

Many problems such as tension caused by hormonal changes, nerve, timeless crying can be distributed by the energy of this stone. However, this stone, which is also effective on the central nervous system, can provide a solution to many psychological problems. The most important of these is the increase in your life energy.

The alexandrite stone, which allows the person to live more tightly, makes it possible to secrete the happiness hormone at the highest level.

Therefore, your worries and negative ideas do not remain stable for a long time. In case you carry this stone over you, it will be quickly dispersed and replaced with positive thoughts.

For individuals with self-esteem problems, alexandrite stone is recommended. It is known that everyone who carries this stone does not experience self-esteem and self-esteem anxiety.

Unknown Benefits Of Alexandrite Stone

  • Protects against ultraviolet and harmful radiation.
  • Repair stress in the nervous system.
  • Improve intelligence capabilities.
  • Helps in cell regeneration.
  • Helps relieve the pain of blood cancer.
  • Helps adapt to rapid changes.
  • Raise touch sensation to a higher level.
  • Right mind and the intellect in the sense of the connection improves.
  • Improves protein digestion.
  • The person feels happiness.
  • It improves self-esteem, increases self-confidence.
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