Again Jio-Airtel and Vi on the way to increase tariffs

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The telecom companies going to increase mobile tariffs in India in the next few months?

A recent study has raised the possibility of an increase in the mobile plan price.

According to rating agency IRCA, competition among telecom companies has eased since the increase in mobile tariffs last December.

However, the huge arrears AGR refers to the stagnant state of the companies.

As the time to pay the installment is approaching, the pressure is increasing on them.

In this situation, raising the tariff on mobile has become a kind of inevitability for the companies.

At least experts like that. However, in the case of Jio, there is no burden of arrears of AGR.

Also, telecom companies will have to buy a spectrum in the coming days that needs huge money for that.

In this situation, they think that the increase in mobile tariff is almost inevitable for telecom companies.

Discussions have been going on for a long time about the increase in mobile tariffs.

However, due to coronavirus and lockdown, the telecom companies were forced to postpone the matter for a few months.

This issue has stopped as the economy has recovered from the Corona crisis.

Last August, Sunil Bharti Mittal, chairman of Bharti Airtel, was seen questioning the hike in mobile service charges.

In this favor of increasing the price of mobile data in this country in line with other countries of the world.

Again Jio-Airtel and Vi on the way to increase tariffs

According to Bharti Mitral, the country’s telecom industry will soon collapse if it provides internet services to its customers so cheaply in the days to come.

That is necessary to increase the price of an internet data plan. At present, Indians have to spend an average of Rs 160 per month for 16 GB of data.

The captain of Bharti Airtel termed the incident as a tragedy. However, it is not clear how much telecom companies will increase their tariff.

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Earlier, telecom companies had said that the price of data would be increased by up to 60 percent in a proposal sent to TRAI.

In the discussions about that, the epidemic took hold in India.

According to experts, the popularity of Airtel’s 64 and 28 days plans is more than JIO.

Again, Jio is desperate to get its hands on Vi’s customer base as the quality of the network is relatively poor.

All in all, the Indian telecom market is at its peak. In this situation, telecom companies have to be careful in making decisions like increasing the cost of mobiles.

Otherwise, the customer base of Airtel and Vi, in particular, is likely to suffer and Jio can share in it.

As a result, they think that the telecom companies will not take any decision by sacrificing the interests of the customers.

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