After wake up and see the swelling face? Why is that?

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Waking up in the morning and see the mirror, it seems that his face is a little swelling.

Or, maybe someone suddenly said why does the face look swollen? It is a matter of concern!

The face looks swollen due to various diseases, some of which are complicated.

Again, some very common reasons can cause swelling of the face. So you should know when to be careful. However, the swelling of the face disappears in 2 to 3 hours.

There can be many causes of swelling in the face, but if you think it may be a severe allergic reaction, see a doctor immediately.

Usually, the first reason for facial swelling is not being able to sleep properly or not sleeping properly.

If you can’t sleep properly at night, your eyes and face get swollen in the morning.

The second reason is that if you sleep extra, you will see yourself with a fascinated face in the morning.

Swelling of the face also occurs as a result of sitting in bed for more than a certain period.

After wake up and see the swelling face? Why is that?

According to the doctor, do you have difficulty breathing when you feel swelling in your face? If the answer is yes, it can be a big risk.

What are the causes of the swelling face as per the doctors?

1. Dental problems – Any discomfort associated with teeth can also cause swelling in the mouth.

In particular, tooth infections, broken teeth, replacement of dentures with broken teeth, painful gingival inflammation can also be the main cause of the swelling.

2. Medicines effect – Sometimes the reaction to the drug can cause swelling in the face. In particular, the side effects of some medications may appear this way.

3. Kidney problems – The kidneys excrete toxins from our body all the time.

If the body cannot get rid of the dirt, these toxins can cause inflammation in the body.

This is why swelling on the face occurs in the morning. In such cases, it is important to maintain kidney function.

4. Anemia – Anemia is also a major cause of facial swelling in the term treatment. Those who have anemia are called anemic.

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This problem is called anemia in medical language. Those who are deficient in blood have swelling.

5. Inflammation of the sinuses – Sinus infections can be a major cause of swelling of the mouth.

In this case, the air around the nose swells in the mucous membranes that are reflected on the face in such a situation not only swelling around the eyes but also mild pain.

6. Feeling Illness – Sometimes a disease of the body or any activity in the body reacts in the form of swelling of the mouth.

7. During Periods for women – Many times women get swollen during periods.  As a result, the face also becomes swollen.

During the period, the hormone progesterone in the body increases which causes the face to swell with the symptoms of PMS.

Heart patients can also have swollen faces that may be accompanied by shortness of breath.

Patients with heart disease or high blood pressure must eat salt in moderation because salt draws water. Kidney patients are often given water to measure.

However, if you have frequent swelling of the face or water in other parts of the body and other symptoms, be sure to consult a doctor.

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