Afghanite Stone: What is Afghanite? Meaning, Uses, Benefits (With Video)

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What is Afghanite Stone?

Afghanite stone is a stone with crystal-like corners with beautiful bright light-dark tone transitions in shades of blue or dark blue, close to black, also called midnight blue. It was first introduced in 1967 and started to be displayed at the Natural History Museum in London in 1969.

Precious stones such as CalciteSodaliteLazurite are also found in places where the afghanite stone was removed.

Benefits of afghanite stone

What are Structural Properties of The Afghanite Stone?

It was first removed in Badehsan, Afghanistan. Sometimes stones such as sodalite, PyriteDiopside, Scapolite, Calcite, Mica, Lapis Lazuli, Chrysocolla, Lazurite can be found in the environment in which they were extracted.

Afghanite stone has a very nice and blue structure.

The first stone to be extracted (Natural History Museum) is in the London Natural History Museum.

It was removed in 1967 and put into the museum in 1969.

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What Are the Benefits Of Afghanite Stone?

Stones in nature have many different features and benefits. For this reason, people have carried these stones on them and kept them in their environments for centuries because they believed in their benefits for healing, evil eye, and many more.

Afghanite stone is primarily a stone that gives positive energy both physically and spiritually. Other benefits are;

  • Strengthens the immune system by increasing body resistance.
  • It is effective in repairing mental damage.
  • It has a protective feature against throat infections.
  • It relieves the person spiritually.
  • It has the feature to increase self-confidence.
  • It is good against obsessive disorders.
  • It supports a calmer and positive personality.
  • It has a sedative feature in situations such as panic attacks, excessive excitement, and stress such as chrysocolla stone.

Afghanite stone is useful for brain diseases. Keeps the Frontal area healthy. It strengthens the thymus gland, hence the immune system. It helps in the treatment of throat diseases.

Improves communication ability. It is useful in balancing and controlling emotions. Reduces hypersensitivity and responsiveness. Thus it encourages thinking and then expressing. It teaches us to live together and share.

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Which Horoscopes Is Suitable For Afghanite Stone?

Horoscopes are symbols that classify people according to their date of birth and represent different characters.

The connection of stones with horoscopes can be perceived as matching stones with people in horoscopes who have different characteristics in nature.

Therefore, the effects of stones according to their properties will cause different effects on people, each sign will be affected positively or negatively there are stones.

Since the afghanite stone has a very positive effect on people, it is a special stone that gives a positive effect on every horoscope person.

However, some stones have a positive effect on some horoscopes, while the same stone may hurt people in other horoscopes.

Afghanite stone, on the other hand, has many positive effects such as strengthening, restorative, protective, relaxing, and calming on each horoscope.

Hardness Degree and Other Properties

Since the afghanite stone has a high hardness, it is not easy to make fake.

However, as with all precious stones, can be made forgeries of Afghanite stone.

The best way to understand this is by testing the bioenergy departments of universities or the archaeology departments.

Therefore, when buying these precious stones, it will be more guaranteed to buy them both from reliable places and from a person who knows the stone.

Cleaning of the stones is also very important. Because to increase the effect of the stone, it must be cleaned.


To increase the impact of the afghanite stone, it needs to be cleaned at certain intervals.


  • Wash for up to 5 minutes under running water
  • Soak in vinegar water for about 10 minutes
  • Leave in the sun for 1 day
  • Applications should be done such as keeping in the soil for 1 day.

These cleaning methods further strengthen the effect of the stone. Also, jewelry designed with Afghanite stone should be cleaned by wiping with a soft cloth washed in saltwater or vinegar water and its positive effects should be increased.

To benefit from the positive effects of the stones, stones that are compatible with the horoscopes should be used, or stones that are good to people-that is, everyone – in each horoscope, such as the afghanite stone, should be used.

You can carry these stones on you in the form of jewelry, or you can keep them in your pocket, wallet, room in the sun, or at work. More importantly, you have to believe that you will find healing from that stone and your chances will increase.


Afghanite stone, like many natural stones, needs cleaning and purification during its use.

To clean your stone and renew its energy, it is enough to hold it under running water for a while or wait for a short time in a vinegar water. Or, if you wait for a day in the sunshine or buried in the soil, it will provide the same cleaning.

Because of afghanite is a hard stone due to its structure, it is not easily damaged in impacts. However, like other natural stones, you need to protect afghanite against the damage caused by chemical substances.

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