299+ Popular Beauty Blog Post Ideas for Beauty Bloggers

299+ Popular Beauty Blog Post Ideas for Beauty Bloggers

Beauty bloggers, you know the drill: be creative every day. But what if you have nothing to write about? What do you do then?

Curious about what other beauty bloggers talk about? Or what topics are popular in the beauty blogging community?

Clearly, to stay in the blogging or social media game, you need to come up with as many blog ideas as you can.

Still, sometimes you’ll hit a wall and get stuck in a creativity block.

But now you can stop wondering! I’ve compiled a list of beauty topics for you to check out. From skincare to nails, there’s something for everyone.

Use these popular beauty blog post ideas to help your readers (and attract new ones):

beauty blog post ideas

Makeup Blog Post Ideas

Love cosmetics? and writing? If you answered yes to both, then try these blog post topics to attract new readers and delight your returning ones:

  • Cute nail art ideas for X theme
  • Nail care tips for gorgeous-looking nails
  • Is (X product) worth the hype?
  • Do a step-by-step tutorial on your go-to makeup look
  • How to achieve a certain type of makeup look (e.g., a smoky eye).
  • List some fun makeup activities
  • Offer up your own unique take on the “glitter eyeshadow” look
  • DIY graphic eyeliner look
  • Tips for creating the perfect party makeup look
  • Creating the perfect everyday makeup look
  • Share your thoughts on the latest makeup trends
  • Review the latest makeup products on the market
  • An ultimate guide to highlighting
  • How to contour like a Kardashian
  • How to nail the “no makeup” look
  • Best tips for hiding blemishes and imperfections
  • The current state of the cosmetics industry
  • How to create the perfect cat eye
  • Tips on saving money on cosmetics
  • How to organize your makeup brushes
  • List your favorite dupers for (insert brand name)
  • The best lipstick colors for (insert season)
  • Top makeup trends of (insert year)
  • Create a tutorial for a fun and festive makeup look
  • Introduce your followers to a new hair or makeup artist that you love
  • A behind-the-scenes look at your makeup routine
  • How to choose the right makeup products
  • Do a “get ready with me” post
  • Do an Instagram makeup challenge
  • How to achieve a natural makeup look
  • The best foundations for oily skin
  • Drugstore makeup dupes
  • The best concealers for under-eye bags
  • Budget-friendly makeup brushes
  • The best drugstore/high-end makeup products
  • The pros and cons of popular makeup trends
  • A guide to finding the perfect nude lipstick for your skin tone
  • The best makeup products for sensitive skin
  • A beginner’s guide to applying false lashes
  • A roundup of drugstore makeup products that are worth trying.
  • An in-depth look at a particular brand of makeup (e.g., MAC, NARS, etc.).
  • DIY makeup product tutorial.
  • Your best tips and tricks for applying makeup like a pro.
  • A review of a makeup book or magazine.
  • A Q&A with a professional makeup artist.
  • 5-minute makeup routine for zoom call
  • The best waterproof makeup products
  • Share your makeup wishlist
  • 9 Makeup Tricks to Take Your Look from Day to Night
  • How to make your foundation last all-day
  • The best under-eye concealers for tired eyes
  • Blushes for every skin tone
  • Highlighters to give you a natural glow
  • Waterproof makeup products that will withstand the heat and humidity
  • The best makeup removers for a thorough cleanse
  • 5 lip glosses for a plump and shiny pout
  • X palettes with all the colors you need
  • Tips and tricks for applying false lashes
  • Best way to do your makeup for a job interview
  • A guide to creating a party-ready look
  • How to get the perfect beach-ready makeup look
  • How to figure out your perfect foundation shade

Skincare Blog Post Topics

Whether you’re curious about skincare basics or want to delve into more complex topics, there’s a topic for you.

  • An ultimate guide to identifying your skin type
  • What face masks should you choose for your skin type?
  • Share your skincare routine and what products you swear by
  • Share your thoughts on the latest skincare trends
  •  Take readers through your morning skincare routine
  • Be honest about the skincare products you’ve tried that just didn’t work for you
  • Must-have products for achieving the perfect complexion
  • Review the latest skin care products on the market
  • 5 things to look for in your dermatologist
  • 5 best acne-fighting products
  • Ingredients to look for in a good skincare product?
  • Your 101 guide to sunscreen
  • Skincare tips for the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond
  • 10 great Korean/Japanese/French skincare products
  • Interview a beauty expert/dermatologist/esthetician/makeup artist
  • DIY face masks for (insert skin type)
  • A roundup of the best makeup blogs
  • Best travel makeup essentials
  • Beginner’s guide to using serums
  • Review a new skincare book or guide
  • Pros and cons of various skincare treatments (e.g., facials, microdermabrasion, etc.)
  • Different skincare ingredients and their benefits
  • How to deal with specific skincare concerns (e.g., acne, dry skin, etc.)
  • Share your experience with a particular skincare treatment
  • Good/bad skincare habits
  • Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle on Your Skin
  • Top Ten Foods that are Terrible for Your Skin
  • Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep on Your Skin
  • Different Types of Facials and What They Do
  • How to Get the Most Out of Your Skincare Routine
  • Skincare tips every beauty blogger swears by
  • Choosing the Right Facial Oil for Your Skin Type
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Exfoliation
  • The Best Tips for Reducing Dark Circles
  • How to get clear skin in 30 days
  • The importance of moisturizing
  • Benefits of using a humidifier for your skin
  • Importance of reading skincare labels
  • How antioxidants can benefit your skin
  • A step-by-step guide to using a face roller
  • How to get dewy skin like a celebrity
  • DIY body wrap
  • Social media marketing for skincare businesses
  • Top 5 skincare products that everyone should own
  • 9 beauty mistakes that are aging you
  • How to get glowing skin on a budget
  • The benefits of oil cleansing
  • Get gorgeous skin in just minutes a day
  • Say goodbye to oily skin with these tips
  • How to get clear skin without expensive products
  • How to keep your skin looking young
  • How to have great skin at any age
  • How to get dewy skin like a celebrity
  • Share your before-and-after photos (if you’re comfortable doing so!)
  • Write about your skin concerns and how you tackle them
  • The dangers of using chemical-based skincare products
  • What is a good frequency for washing your face?

Hair Blog Post Ideas

Whether it’s about products, styles, or just general tips and advice, you’ll find something here that inspires you.

  • Round up your favorite hair products and styles
  • The current state of the hair industry
  • Tips for achieving the perfect updo
  • A roundup of the best hair blogs
  • Why should you try organic hair products?
  • How to style your hair for different occasions
  • How to achieve the perfect at-home blowout
  • Quick and easy hairstyles for busy mornings
  • Your guide to good-looking messy buns
  • New hair products that are making waves
  • How to do an effortless (certain hairstyle)
  • How to make a ponytail look more polished
  • Hairstyles that suit every face shape
  • Home remedies for quick hair growth
  • Feature guest posts from other hair enthusiasts, stylists, or experts
  • Share your own hair journey: what products you’ve tried, what styles you’ve experimented with, etc.
  • Write about celebrity hair – who has great hair, and how do they achieve it?
  • How to take care of specific hair types
  • How to style your hair for different occasions
  • Top 3 products for keeping your hair healthy
  • 5 heat-free hairstyles for summer
  • How to protect your hair from heat damage
  • Best deep conditioners for your hair
  • How to prevent your hair from getting greasy
  • How to Pick the Right Hair Color for Your Skin Tone
  • Hair type-specific care routines
  • Recommend great hair stylists in your area
  • How to choose a haircut that flatters your face shape
  • How to deal with thinning hair
  • Date-night hairstyles
  • How to make your hair smell good
  • X hair-loving vitamins
  • How to style your hair in your 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s
  • Homemade hair masks for common hair concerns
  • Taking care of your hair extensions
  • Collaborate with other hair bloggers
  • Your favorite hair hacks
  • Best shampoos for all hair types
  • Highlights vs. lowlights – what’s the difference?
  • Benefits of Argan Oil for Your Hair
  • At-home hair treatments for every hair type
  • Hair care tips for the busy girl on the go
  • How to get voluminous hair without using any products
  • The ultimate guide to hair extensions
  • 7 foods that are good for your hair
  • How can you tell if you have damaged hair?
  • 5 heatless hairstyles for when you’re in a rush
  • How to color your own hair at home
  • Tutorial on at-home spa
  • Share your thoughts on wigs – are they a good option for hair loss?
  • How to wear your hair in a headscarf during the summer
  • Must-have hair fashion accessories
  • 5 things to look for in your hairstylist
  • Working out with your hair looking its best

Nail Blog Post Ideas

These nail topics are sure to get your creative juices flowing. So grab a cup of coffee, put your feet up, and get ready to be inspired!

  • Share your favorite nail products and manicure/pedicure tips
  • Tips for achieving the perfect at-home pedicure
  • Your guide to a perfect American manicure
  • Latest trends in the nail industry
  • 7 ways to add more shine to your nails
  • X affordable nail brands
  • X cruelty-free nail brands
  • X chemical-free nail polish brands
  • Best nail shades for work
  • Swatch all of your nail polish collection
  • Step by step tutorial for at-home manicures
  • Answer common questions about nails, such as “how do I get my nails to grow?”
  • Review popular at-home gel nail kits
  • The Nail File Bible
  • The Art of Nail Polish: A Comprehensive Guide
  • Tips for Nails That Glitter
  • Nail art resources for beginners
  • A roundup of the best nail art blogs to follow
  • Tips for choosing the right nail technician
  • The hottest celebrity nails
  • Most popular nail shapes
  •  Clever Ways to Add Some pizzazz to Your Nails
  • How to make your manicure last longer
  • How to deal with yellow nails.
  • Best and worst nail trends of the past
  • Your all-time favorite nail colors
  • How to Remove Gel Nails at Home
  • How to express yourself through your nails
  • Tips for nail art on a budget
  • Create a fun and festive design for the holidays
  • Get inspired by your favorite celebrities red carpet manicures
  • Copy a popular Instagram nail art look
  • Design a nails-only look using only polish and rhinestones
  • Create a gradient effect with your favorite colors.
  • Try out a negative space manicure.

Monthly Content Ideas for Your Beauty Blog

Whether you want to do a monthly roundup of your favorite products, share your latest beauty haul, or simply chat about what’s new in the world of beauty, there’s always something to write about:

  • Product reviews
  • Tutorials
  • Before and After
  • Top 10
  • Q&A
  • Beauty and the beast – compare and contrast two similar beauty
    products to help your readers make a decision
  • Beauty news
  • Empties
  • Get ready with me
  • Subscription boxes
  • First impressions
  • Current favorites
  • Wish list
  • Brand focus
  • Ingredient spotlight
  • Shopping haul
  • Why I love/hate

Beauty Post Ideas for Instagram

  • Film a makeup haul, showing off all of the new products you’ve recently purchased
  • Give your followers a peek into your everyday makeup routine
  • Showcase your collection of makeup products
  • Share your beauty-related confessions
  • Get creative with your makeup storage
  • The best makeup artists on Instagram
  • Share a photo of your current makeup look
  • Show off a new hairstyle or color
  • How to get long-lasting wear out of your makeup
  • Talk about your favorite (or least favorite) beauty trends
  • Showcase a before and after transformation
  • Get creative with your makeup and create an artistic look
  • Do a fun and festive makeup look for a holiday or special event
  • Feature a new product that you’re loving
  • Hold a contest on your blog for the best hairstyle of the month (or week)

How to Create Your First Personal Beauty Blog Post

Here are some beauty article ideas for your first post:

  • Share your favorite beauty products and why you love them
  • Top tips for looking and feeling your best
  • Get real about your beauty struggles and insecurities
  • Write something inspired by your beauty activities
  • Your favorite beauty hacks and DIYs
  • A list of your holy grail products
  • Your favorite beauty-related books, movies, or TV shows
  • Personal views on the latest beauty trends
  • Your advice for other women who are struggling with their own beauty
  • Your thoughts on the current state of the beauty industry
  • Go-to beauty routine for when you’re short on time
  • Your beauty secrets with your readers
  • Best tips for looking good on a budget
  • Your thoughts on natural vs. artificial beauty
  • Share your favorite beauty-related quotes or poems
  • Share your tips for styling your hair.
  • Your own personal definition of beauty
  • Tips and tricks for staying beautiful as you age
  • Your best advice for taking care of your skin
  • Share photos and details of your latest beauty haul
  • Give your readers a tour of your makeup collection

How do you write killer content for a beauty blog?

The process of writing an article isn’t as hard as you might think, and it can be a great way to share your knowledge. Write a killer. Here’s how to write a killer beauty blog post.

Find Your Inspiration: what do you want to write about? What are you passionate about? Once you’ve chosen a topic, writing will be easier.

Relate to Your Reader: write your post with your reader in mind. What will they be interested in? What do they want to know? Put yourself in your audience’s shoes when you write your post.

Write an Attention-Grabbing Title: people will see your title first, so make sure it’s captivating. Create something that is both eye-catching and informative.

Discuss Different Topics: a great thing about beauty blogs is that you can discuss a variety of topics. Whether you want to write about skincare, makeup, hair, or something else entirely, there’s a lot of ground to cover.

Make a List of Beauty Blogs to Follow: if you’re not sure where to start, take a look at some of the other beauty blogs out there. Look at what they do right, and learn from their mistakes. In short, taking inspiration from great blogs is a good idea, so don’t be shy.

Write Great Content: most importantly, this one. No matter how pretty your blog looks or how clever your title is, if your content isn’t good, people won’t stick around. Undoubtedly, when you post interesting, informative and engaging stuff people keep coming back for more.

Try Different Blog Posts: you don’t have to stick to one type of post. You could try a tutorial, a review, or even a listicle. Mix things up and see what works best for your blog.

Keep writing: the more you write, the better you’ll get at it. And who knows? With a little practice, you might just become the next big thing in the beauty blogging world.

How often should you post?

At least once a week, ideally 2-3 times a week. Having fresh content to read helps you maintain a consistent online presence.

Over to you…

There are lots of beauty blog post ideas, but these are some of my favorites.

Remember that there is no one “right” way to blog about beauty. Authenticity is what matters most. So, write about what you’re passionate about, and don’t be afraid to experiment.

What are you waiting for? Get inspired and start writing your next beauty blog post!

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